About Me

I have always loved fashion and the law. Even my middle school yearbook noted my future profession as “fashion designer/prosecutor.” But it was not until law school that I realized I could merge my two greatest interests. I shortly after took on my fashion blawger identity. 

Why I Started My Fashion Law Blog

Photo of Fashion Law Blogger, Fashion Blawger

I wanted to connect with people who share my interest in the legal side of the business of fashion but my law school friends were uninterested. Thus, I turned to blogging to create the dialogue I craved. 

The daily workings of fashion and beauty businesses, from conception to acquisition, involve legal issues. This blog is your source for intellectual nourishment via fashion law education, insights, news, and conversation.

If you want to be a fashion lawyer you should know how to dress in a professional environment. For some, dressing for a professional environment feels stifling. To me, building and accessorizing a professional wardrobe is fun. So, I also cover style considerations for young professionals.

Standing at a petite 61 inches, my journey to find clothes that fit properly is not always easy but it is always a welcomed adventure. I also enjoy helping others develop wardrobe styles that fit their lifestyles. Thus, it made sense not to limit my blog to the subject of fashion law.

Stick around, and enjoy my musings on fashion, law, and style.

Blog Name

When I chose my fashion law blog name, I thought “A Preponderance of Fashion” was perfection. Having not been a blog reader, I did not realize that the length and catchiness should be considered. I still stand behind my name but I have received confusion concerning it. Hopefully my explanation will help you remember my blog. 😉

My blog name is a play on the legal term “a preponderance of evidence,” which is the legal standard you need to win a non-criminal case.

Fashion Blawger Name

I refer to myself as fashion blawger to retain some anonymity. The name is derived from the word blawg, which is a term used to refer to a legal blog.

More About Me

I have a gorgeous Yorkie. He likes to cuddle up next to me and my laptop to watch as I report counterfeit items online. I find brand protection fun and personally gratifying. I think we should all take part in fighting fakes and protecting brand reputations to promote intellectual property and safety. Yes, safety. Want to find out more? Contact me now.