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Bar Exam for Fashion Lawyers

Okay, so there is no special bar exam for fashion lawyers. But Fordham University now offers a fashion law masters degree for non-lawyers and fashion law LLM for lawyers.

The summer bar exam is under two weeks away. So, I am addressing a bar exam grievance I have heard from aspiring attorneys.

Is the bar exam applicable to IP attorneys and fashion lawyers?

Your performance on the bar exam is not indicative of your skills as an attorney. And yes, this reality may be especially true for people going into the intellectual property field. Why? Because the bar exam does not at all test on IP issues.

Obvious bar exam hint: if you think IP law is a hidden issue in a your bar exam fact pattern, you are wrong. Keep IP hidden from your answer.

The bar exam is a stepping stone you tap before becoming an attorney. The bar exam may not test the field you are hoping to enter. The bar exam does at least test your ability to educate yourself on different rules and laws when the need arises.

People who specialize in intellectual property law obviously need working knowledge in other types of law, especially contracts. But I understand the mind frame of “I won’t need it for my future, so why must I learn it?” because I felt that way about math. Now, I often use math. I am only reminded of parabolas when I check my blog’s analytics, but I mentally calculate percentages every time I shop or tip.

Fashion law is not one type of law. It is a specialization that encompasses many types of law. (Fashion law defined here). Sure, you can ultimately end up working in one area of law at a big fashion house. But you may likely find yourself as counsel for a company that does not have a big legal team, so you end up handling a commercial lease or an employment contract even though you are specializing in trademarks and licensing.

Alternatively, you may be an attorney at a firm. Imagine a big money client calls you to take care of a non-fashion law issue. A little criminal law related case. Something the client needs to keep off of TMZ. You surely would not turn your back on that client. And referring the client to someone else may cost you unnecessary loss of clientele.

So, the bar exam is something you have to get through. I hope it helps to realize that knowledge of other topics can later benefit you.

I have wanted to share a fashion law bar exam series. If the topic is not a good fit for my blog audience, I may migrate the bar exam review topics to another blog or discontinue them. The topics should be of interest to fashion law lovers. If you cannot stand bar exam prep-related material, look out for the gavel icon I used here and in my footer. It will start all my bar exam prep posts.

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