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 Ah, bar exam mnemonics.* If you consider this practice a hinderance, then you are doing it wrong. To stay interested, I made my bar exam mnemonics fashion law related.

A popular bar exam mnemonic from David Epstein’s Barbri contracts lecture is

Armadillos From Texas Play Rap, Eating Tacos”

This mnemonic should remind you of how you can address contracts essay answers:

Applicable law – Formation – Terms of the contract – Performance – Remedies – Excuses for non-performance – Third party problems.

Particularly during time constraints and exam pressure, this armadillo mnemonic can be confusing to recall. Was the Armadillo eating tacos while playing rap? Was the Armadillo named Jay Z?

Bar exam mnemonics - Berkeley Law student's Tort Bunny

Source:, law bunny comic by a Berkeley Law grad

Bar examinees have complained that bar review companies supply too many mnemonics. Sure, if studying mnemonics make you sacrifice critical essay practice time or actual substantive law study, by all means move on. But exam mnemonics should be a simple aid to help you recall information.

For me, armadillos kept me awake during the lectures but I did not think of them again until recently (because armadillos are causing leprosy outbreaks in Florida).

My contracts reminder was fashion law related:

Armani Family Thinks People Really Enjoy Tiers

This mnemonic made sense to me because it is true to me. And true generally.

Fashion law lesson related to my contracts mnemonic

Brand protection is serious and necessary fashion business. Supporters of knock-offs claim that copycat fashion helps further the industry by forcing creators to innovate. The problem is that knock-offs hurt innovators.

Back in the day, after Narcisco Rodriguez finished working as a Calvin Klein staffer he worked for a couturier in Paris. Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy chose the then relatively unknown Rodriguez as the designer for her rehearsal-dinner dress and wedding dress. The dress was an instant icon. And instantly knocked off. Fakes were even advertised with cardboard cutouts of JFK, Jr. Rodriguez became insanely popular but broke. Donna Karen sent him fabric so that he could cut his line.

Rodriguez’s experience shows the need for multiple levels of brand protection. Unless you meet the difficult requirements of copyright protection over garments, your item can be legally knocked-off.

In adult lines alone, Armani has lines in many price points or tiers:
Armani Privé – Armani – Armani Collezione – Emporio Armani – A/X – New Normal
Instead of losing customers to copycats, Armani covers himself via his own knock-offs.

The fashion house actually debuted the New Normal line last month. So, my mnemonic is now only more true. The Armani Family Thinks People Really Enjoy Tiers, otherwise they would not add more lines at different price points 😉

More fashion law bar exam prep posts to come.

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*Mnemonics are devices that are supposed to help you retain information. Mnemonics can take the form of anything that triggers memory recall. Consider catchy songs, rhymes, and acronyms.

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