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Brands Can Use Pokémon Go to Catch Millennials

Brands can use Pokémon Go to catch millennials

Big brands and small businesses alike can benefit from Pokémon Go without infringing on the Pokémon brand. Valuable consumers-slash-potential customers are chasing Pokémon.

Can Businesses Turn Pokémon Go Players Into Paying Patrons? | Brands Can Profit From Pokémon Go

Businesses can definitely turn Pokémon Go players into patrons. Pokémon chasers should totally be used to help businesses become more cash flow positive.

Businesses remain relevant by changing with the times. Nowadays it is critical to incorporate an online presence. Social media pages should always adhere to the brand image but the content strategy should be flexible enough to include trending topics.

There is a right way to refer to other brands when self-promoting

When a trending topic is another brand or business, an unaffiliated business can use the trending topic to promote itself. Of course, there is a right and wrong way to piggyback off of the fame of another business or brand.

Businesses would benefit from discussing potential liability issues with an attorney. Fashion lawyers love this stuff 😉

How Entrepreneurs Can Profit From Pokémon Go

If you’re a business owner, remember that it is crucial to not infringe on the legal rights of another brand.

Viral topics can be leveraged right to boost cash-flow, page views, foot traffic, and brand awareness

Trending topics can be leveraged right to boost cash-flow, page views, foot traffic, and brand awareness.

While some businesses are trying to keep Pokémon Go users out of their businesses unless they are paying customers, the right answer lies in turning those players into paying patrons.

Easy ways businesses can take advantage of the Pokémon Go craze

There are many ways small businesses can take advantage of the Pokémon Go craze. Businesses can use the following ideas as ways to interact with Pokémon Go players virtually and at brick and mortars:

  • Boast about which Pokémon were spotted or caught at the business
  • Encourage players to check in to your location (via Yelp, Facebook, etc.)
  • Advertise status as a Pokéstop
  • Ask customers to tag you when they play at your location
  • Motivate customers to use you in hashtags, which you can further encourage via social media interacting with them (reply and/or share posts, photos, or comments)
    • create your own hashtag to easily find these social shares
  • Offer phone charging for paying patrons (better yet, promote via branded portable chargers)
  • Lure in customers with Pokémon lures*
  • Submit a request to be a Pokéstop**

Businesses should not incorporate Pokémon Go in infringing ways

Intellectual property concerns should be considered when incorporating the game’s fame into marketing.

Intellectual property (IP) rules still apply. Businesses must be careful not to make customers think they have an affiliation with Pokémon when one does not exist.

If you create a unique hashtag, you should try to stay within the Pokémon lexicon but not use trademark or copyright protected IP.

A business or business owner may be sued if marketing causes consumers to falsely believe their is an affiliation with the Pokémon brand. Pokémon attorneys could sue a company for using inappropriately using its IP or otherwise taking advantage of the goodwill it has built with its consumers. Such false misrepresentation can be just cause for a lawsuit.

Pokémon Go can generate a lot of social engagement for local businesses. Businesses should take advantage of viral phenomenon but fair business practices must always be considered.

What is viral today may be lame tomorrow. So neither time-consuming nor expensive efforts should be placed into one viral subject.

* As per Pokémon Go’s glossary, the lure module allows you to attract wild Pokémon to a PokéStop for a limited time with a Lure Module.
** When users see a Pokéstop they also see the details provided by the business



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