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Riri’s Fenty Beauty and Fashion Takeover Begins

Let the Fenty beauty party commence.

Remember last year when Riri began plotting the growth of her Fenty beauty and apparel empire?

Well, we know that last year Rihanna filed for over a dozen trademarks including her surname, Fenty. Since then Rihanna became PUMA’s global brand ambassador for women’s training and serves as a PUMA Women’s Creative Director.

Well, today, Rihanna tweeted a picture of a collage that reminded me of her Fenty trademark filings.

Rihanna expects to soon develop Fenty Beauty.

A quick search revealed that during a recent Refinery 29 interview, Rihanna confirmed plans for a beauty line.

So, in time you may be able to dress in Rihanna’s Fenty fashion from head to toe, or at least from face to sneaker. 😛

Rihanna Fenty Puma Shoes - Fenty Beauty to Come?

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