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H&M Adding New Stores Daily

H&M is currently open in 61 countries in more than 3,900 stores. H&M’s flagship brand plans to add another 425 stores this year. This goal is an increase from the 400 openings it aimed for and reached last year.

H&M Herald Square

In this expansion, H&M will enter Cyprus, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico for the first time.

Will H&M make coqui frog clothing to appeal to Puerto Ricans?

As a Boricua, I will admit that I am interested in seeing how H&M will market to the Puerto Rican consumer. Puerto Ricans are American, but given that H&M will have stores on the island, it would be smart to make targeted campaigns. In China, H&M celebrated the Year of the Monkey with a dedicated line that included a couple of monkey sweaters.

In fashion, “fast” does not have to equal disposable

So it seems that the fast fashion epidemic will continue to spread. I just hope the overconsumption by-product that is produced by such expansion will come along with a growth in H&M’s sustainability and fashion waste reduction efforts.

Fast fashion is like fast food: it instantly gratifies a desire. And just as fast food may be momentarily satisfying, its negatives outnumber its advantages. The same is true for fast fashion but as you can make quick but healthy on the go meal choices, fast fashion does not have to be bad.

A great problem with fast fashion retailers is that they produce disposable “fashion.” Fashion that is trendy and usually poorly made so it ends up discarded.

As a successful and expanding business, H&M has a strong presence and platform of which it can take advantage.

H&M once offered coupons in exchange for unwanted garments of any brand but as of today I could not find any word regarding such policy still in place.

It would be great to see H&M expand and further promote its fashion conscious efforts.

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