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Rihanna’s Trademark Filings Hint Towards New Empire

After having everyone yearn to be under her umbrella, Rihanna may really be planning a world takeover. Riri’s CFDA Fashion Icon Award and Vogue covers are telling of her fashion prowess. Now Rihanna has filed trademark applications that hint towards growth in the fashion and beauty industry.

Rihanna in transparent see through dress showing breasts at CFDA event

You can check out the list of Rihanna’s recent trademark filings here.

Riri’s trademark filings use Fenty, her real last name. I do not believe the rumors that the filings may be an attempt to safeguard from wrongful use of her name. If someone were to attempt to monetize on her celebrity, the person would be more likely to use the names she is most known for: Rihanna or Riri.

Using Rihanna’s success with her MAC cosmetics collaboration as an indicator of her potential success in the apparel and beauty space, it is clear that Rihanna will make one heck of an impact on fashion.

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