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Swap Your Purse For These Backpacks

The quintessential back to school item—a backpack—has not landed on my post grad school shopping until now. Backpacks are on trend and practical too!

Through my teenage years, my go-to backpack choice was a classic Jansport backpack. Now my backpack picks are more sophisticated. I prefer casual backpacks that are also elegant enough to be work appropriate.

Best of all is that chic backpacks are available in various price points. A Valentino Rockstud backpack may seem ideal because Valentino Rockstud heels and Rockstud sandals are definitely on trend; however, such a trendy backpack is more likely to have a short lifespan.

Would you wear a backpack to your workplace?

A trendy backpack easily becomes dated. It is the type of item that a fashionista can pinpoint to a specific season (e.g., Enrique, the pool guy in “Legally Blonde” telling Elle Woods “don’t you stomp your last season Prada shoes at me, honey.”) If your goal is to remain on trend but you cannot purchase a new trendy backpack each season, opt for a classic and versatile look.

13 Best backpacks for work and college

Above are great backpacks that can replace your purse. Pricepoints start at $47.60

Backpacks (worn correctly) distribute weight evenly. I love my Birkins but they can feel so heavy. When I am out all day carrying one I usually end up feeling like I need an alignment. Unlike Birkins, Backpacks also keep your hands free—which is perfect for when you need to handle a little one (in my case my fur-baby).

A plain backpack may be more inexpensive and its lack of designs means you can easily show your style by adding to the blank canvas. Think bag stickers (check out this post for fun options), buttons, and scarves as ways to add color and personality to plain backpacks.

Just like when shopping for a purse, examine the overall appearance, materials, and construction. These aspects should help you consider cost per wear.

Classy and fashionable backpacks for college and workplaces are everywhere now. Find me on Twitter or Instagram to let me know if you find other great backpacks good for work and play.

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