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Office appropriate work attire does not mean wear hems that are too long.
I found the picture below and I found it sadly representative of the omnipresent lack of styling of women’s career fashion in the legal field.

Does your professional field seemingly funnel out the same looks? 

Swearing in of assistant district attorneys shows hems that are too long

Recent swearing in of Assistant District Attorneys of NY County. Picture credit:

Women can be stylish and follow conservative dress codes

Good style does not have to be reserved for when you are off the clock. There are stylish ways to follow even the most conservative business dress codes. I cannot help but imagine these ladies in different hairstyles, statement jewelry, scarves, belts, or broaches.

I also wish the skirt hems were more varied. The suits are likely all being worn directly off the rack but that is not an excuse to not alter a suit to look better. Even though these attorneys may be burdened by a conservative government salary and should surely not have outfits that distract people in court rooms, there is much room for improvement.

Hem length of skirts may be higher, at, or below the knee. The determination of hem length is the skirt style and your body shape. Suit jackets should also be taken in as needed. Getting a suit jacket tailored does not have to be in a way to make or fake an hourglass figure. A boxy jacket or sleeve lengths that are too long can be just as distracting as a curve hugging suit.

Here is a review of a Bebe vest I ordered. I like the idea behind this design but again, Bebe’s execution missed the target.

Facts: Poor fit, bad shiny material, loose cut in the bust area
Verdict: Return
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