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Show up perfectly polished for interviews

While on campus interviews were going on at my law school, I witnessed a chipped lime green manicure parading on the hand of an otherwise perfectly polished woman. I wanted to raise my objection to this fashion faux pas but the girl was a stranger to me and just minutes away from her interview. I chose not to rattle her.

For all I know, this woman can morph into the next Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Yet I could not help but instantly think the nails could hold her back.

Of course, I believe and hope that a person’s ability, potential, and commitment to do a job is what will matter. Still, I cannot help feel that going into an interview with chipped lime green polish is like wearing a pant suit hemmed into shorts: the interviewer may not notice, but in all likelihood (s)he will realize it and fixate on it. Actually, attempting to pass off shorts as proper interview style is more of a conscious decision than the chipped polish oversight. Can someone claim to be detail-oriented but show up with a chipped manicure?

French Shellac Manicure

Shellac French Manicure Should Be Long Lasting And Remain Unchipped Multiple Interview Days

For interviews, I stick to a basic french manicure or a neutral/light pink color.  If I have the misfortune of chipping my polish I rather remove all color and put a clear shine on them or keep them bare but clean.

 Do you have a preferred nail style for interviews? 

Pink Manicure

I wear solid bright, dark, or trendy polish as appropriate, to work.

Even if the lime green manicure had not been chipped I would not have been a fan of it for an interview. But I can understand someone wanting to showcase personality in her interview style by letting personal style show. Just do not boast that you pay great attention to detail and are a perfectionist when your nails look like you just finished rock climbing.

Do you have a stylish but subtle interview style suggestion?

As a law student, I tend to prefer a more conservative look for interviews. Dressing conservative (particularly in a male dominated field) plays it safe with a broader range of people. And although personal style is important, you do not want your unusual or untraditional style to keep you from landing or keeping a job. If you want your appearance showcased instead of your ability and experience then you should probably consider tackling more accomplishments.

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