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Job Interview Suit Basics

Since my Interview Suit post, I have received questions via blog comments and e-mails about suiting. Those questions inspired this post about suiting color, pricing, and interview etiquette.

Petite Blogger in skirt suit

Petite Blogger in interview suit
  • Question: Is coordinating separates of different colors good for standing out
    Answer: I love seeing separates mixed into daily workwear OOTDs but for an interview this is as much of a no to me as patterned or bright stockings (unless you are in a creative field). This way you do not risk turning off a more conservative interviewer. Stand out by your qualifications. 😉

  • Question: Is splurging on one pricey suit better than getting a few for the same price?
    Answer: A suit can be changed up by different tops and accessories so it is especially important to go for quality over quantity. A classic well-made suit is a great investment but price tags are not necessarily telling of good quality. Shop smart: I constantly track store discounts and sales or visit outlets for closet staples instead of shopping when I need them. Creating a fashion arsenal like this helps me prevent from compromising when I am in need of a particular item.

Job interview & law school OCI fashion etiquette

  • Question: Should I button my suit jacket when I have an interview?
    Answer: It depends, but generally: 1 button=fasten it. 2 buttons=fasten only the top one (this avoids unfortunate draping when you sit). 3 buttons=Middle one or top two. Double breasted=fasten all.
  • Question: Nude stockings make my legs a different color than my face so can I go without them?
    Answer: Pantyhose/stockings/hosiery are appropriate for professional interviews. It sounds as if you just have not found the right stocking color yet. Do not base your selection on the color listed on the packaging. Test whether a stocking is “nude” for you by finding your neutral shade. If you are stuck between colors it may help to opt for a color that is slightly darker since your face likely gets more exposure to the sun. Black, gray, or navy are good options too. Of course, if you cannot find a color and ultimately must go bare legged, just keep the rest of your outfit conservative. After all, American culture is moving towards more casual work environments.
interview suitinginterview suit
Express Pinstripe Suit, Ann Taylor Silk blouse, J Crew Necklace,
Ann Taylor exotic perfect skinny belt, Chanel heels
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