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Moncler Gives a Pluck About Unethical Goose Plucking

Moncler gives a pluck about unethical goose plucking.

A TV report in Milan threw fashion law shade towards Moncler.

The Italian TV show, “Report,” caused the fashion brand to take legal action against it to defend itself.

The show claimed that investigations in Hungary looked into the malpractice of plucking goose feathers. The show said that designers—namely Moncler—support the harm and impairment of animals to create down coats.

The show did not claim that Moncler committed these acts; the alleged support was in the form of purchasing feathers from Hungary whilst fleeting European regulations. And that feathers from Hungary actually are the product of unethical goose plucking.

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After the program aired, Moncler’s shares fell 4.7 percent.

Moncler says all the down feathers used by its company comes from certified suppliers.

Moncler’s fashion law contracts prove its stance against unethical goose plucking.

Moncler says these suppliers all are obliged contractually to guarantee their respect for the treatment of animals as per Moncler’s Code of Ethics. Additionally, Moncler says that its suppliers all adhere to the principles established by the European Down and Feather Association.

Moncler further clarified that its down suppliers are located in France, Italy, and North America.

Moncler used social media to hemp clear its name.

Moncler’s response of heading to social media to clear its name even before filing suit was smart. Kudos to Moncler’s public relations, marketing, and/or fashion law crew. 😉

Most of a hip brand’s audience is present on social media. Waiting for a traditional press release could seem too contrived. The quicker a brand can react to allegations, the less damage the allegations may have.

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