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Springing forward

I am two weeks and a few finals short of graduation so I have been away from my social media accounts more than usual. Thanks for sticking around!

Spoiler Alert:
We live in a society that embraces overconsumption. We should also embrace donating. At the end of the post I list places for donating professional clothing. Let me know if you know a different place for donating career attire.

Not a haul post - Wardrobe sorting and clearing pic - consign, donate, and fix

Since I live in an apartment while I build my dream home, in my mind and live vicariously through Real Housewives of BH & NJ, I do not have space to keep my full wardrobe accessible.

If only I owned a closet managing system a la Cher in Clueless.
Maybe swivel will be a good app for that?

How do you keep track of your wardrobe?

I routinely rotate in my seasonal appropriate clothes from storage and assess my wardrobe. If I let my closet overflow I lose track of what I own and wear less items. I make myself part with items to justify new purchases, so I do not fear closet purges.

I divide my wardrobe into things to keep, sell/consign, donate, and fix or toss. I place aside boring or broken items for use in DIY projects.

I mitigate my losses (usually caused by impulse purchases) by selling or consigning those mistakes. Most career clothes cannot fetch near original value so I donate them to non-profits. This way the items can go to someone who is in need but not necessarily searching for things in high-end consignment shops, and I feel good about it. Selfish, self-gratifying donations are okay. 😉

I also challenge myself to move things out of my closet by emptying my shopping bags and filling them with things they replace in my closet. I am more happy to part when I see the direct exchange.

Wardrobe sorting and clearing pic - consign, donate, and fix
My purge that inspired this post
If you have the luxury of leisure time to read blogs, no matter what economic class you currently fall in, you are privileged. —At least more privileged than many other people. If you take a look at your wardrobe, you may be surprised at how little you use some pieces that someone else might use as a key piece. Consider donating some items.


Here is a non-exhaustive list of places where you can donate professional attire:

Also consider donating to your local battered women’s shelters. If you are donating petite sized clothing, this option is particularly good because your size may be more useful there since your clothing may be used for children’s clothing needs.

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