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The Interview Suit

Dress for the career you want, not for the job you have.  Whether or not you wear your suit to work, having a suit is a Professionnelle must 😉

*Disclaimer: I did not put any on for purposes of this post but I suggest wearing stockings that match your skin color. Unless your legs are paler than your face in which case you should bump up your stocking shade. 😉 If you cannot stand stockings maybe throw some bronzer on your legs.

Have you had any success with spray-on stockings?

With law school interview season starting up this week, I will be covering basic interview looks here.  For these types of interviews I think a more conservative look is best.  So, I usually opt for a Brooks Brothers button down under a skirt suit, and minimal accessories.

Petite career blogger in custom suit 

I like this purse because although it is designer, it is quality without the flashy factor.  It also has 3 compartments which easily hide contents such as heels or flats and my MacBook Air.  If you can get away with a smaller purse, I say go for it but a purse like this makes it easy to carry documents such as extra copies of your resume, writing samples, and lists of references.

Do you prefer button down shirts or shells as interview attire?

A shell may be appropriate for others but I am top heavy so if I wear a shell with embellishments, such as ruffles, I look more quarterback than professional chic.

Exhibit A:
Ruffled shell with skirt suit

Ruffled shell = bad full torso muffin top shape if you have broad shoulders

If you are going to be around the area you interviewed at and do not plan on keeping your jacket on, consider the firm culture. Are bare arms appropriate? Are shells too casual?

Law students going through OCI have higher chances of being spotted by interviewers before and after interviews. My tip: maintain a conservative professional look.

If I know I will only be seen with my jacket on, I do not mind the aforementioned shell with my suit.

Skirt Suit on Petite Blogger Anne Klein shoes, Banana Republic shell, Louis Vuitton Bowling Montaigne

If you plan on changing into heels just before the interview, you should wear a professional closed-toe pair that would be appropriate if you were seen outside of the interview by interviewers and if you forget or could not change into your heels.

Do you prefer to wear diamonds or pearls at interviews?

If you will only own one suit or you are just starting a professional wardrobe, I suggest a dark navy suit.  Navy is versatile and flattering on most skin tones.  The one I have here is navy but it is hard to tell from these pics.

Good luck to those of you with upcoming interviews!

♥ Thanks for reading and supporting my blog! 

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