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White Pants for Your Career Wardrobe

Petite Blogger's white pants OOTD Closeup, Gucci, Rolex

Can your career wardrobe include white pants? 

 work attire with gold cross white pants and Madame Claude louboutins white pants and white Gucci python purse white pants and blue louboutins

I am a fan of white blazers for the summer and I am always a fan of white blouses. My absolute favorite white tops are ones by Anne Fontaine. Even her tank tops are perfect. They feel soft and thin but not transparent enough to expose bras, even if you wear a fluorescent one underneath.

For me, finding a good pair of white pants has not been easy: many are transparent or wrinkle easily. Pictured here are the best I have discovered so far.

I like these pants because they are fully lined but still breathable. The fabric is also thick enough that I do not look like a wrinkled mess by the end of a day.

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