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Instagram’s Algorithm Apocalypse

If you are on Instagram, and haven’t seen a post requesting that you turn on notifications, congratulations. You somehow managed to not follow one digital doomsday prepper!

Recently, Instagram announced that it will change how it displays feeds. In an effort to keep their posts seen, many influencers asked followers to turn on notifications from Instagram so the followers get notified each time the influencer posts.

Instagram's algorithm - do not turn on notifications

Turning on notifications means Instagram would send your phone an alert to let you know someone posted a forced casual aerial view pic of their latte art, latest book, and laptop wearing heels on a faux fur throw. Probably not the best use of your battery life. Continue Reading…

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New Retail Lawsuit Over Phantom Sale Savings

New retail lawsuit over phantom sale savings

California shoppers have been filing class-action lawsuits against big-name department stores over fake markdowns made to cause phantom savings.

In January 2016, a new case was filed against Macy’s Inc. and its Bloomingdale’s subsidiary.Fashion law lawsuit over fake sales pricing - Phantom Sale Savings PostPhantom savings and phantom sales refer to fake sale pricing that includes price tags with false original or MSRP price tags.

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Can a court rule against a retailer over discount pricing?
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