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Fashion Law

Alexander Wang Finally Wins Against Counterfeiters

Alexander Wang was awarded $90 million in damages against his brand’s counterfeiters.

Of course, it is unlikely the designer will ever be able to recover the damages since the owners of the domain names are almost impossible to trace.

The judge found that the defendants had purposely concealed their identities and failed to comply with previous injunctions.

The judgment was ruled under the Trademark Counterfeiting Act in United States District Court, S.D. New York.

The case involved at least 45 defendants operating 459 websites that sold fake Alexander Wang apparel and accessories. As part of the ruling, the domain names were locked and transferred to Alexander Wang and the defendants’ assets were frozen.

The domain names will likely be the only addition to Wang’s portfolios from this case.

Internet counterfeiters are notoriously difficult to find. Websites selling counterfeit goods are registered under false names and other fake information.

These counterfeiters are virtually impossible to track down.

This fashion law counterfeiting and cybersquatting case was Alexander Wang, et al. v. Wang Bao D/B/A, et al.
Fashion Law

Black Defendant Denied Pants At Jail, Stands In Court Pantless

A Black woman was forced into court with no pants on. No skirt was provided either.

On July 29th, a Black woman was transferred all the way from a Louisville prison into a Jefferson District Court… wearing a shirt. The woman was in prison for failure to complete a diversion program on a 2014 shoplifting charge.

Defendant Denied Pants At Jail, Forced into Court Pantless

According to jail officials, she was wearing athletic shorts. But the woman showed up in court without pants. She said she was repeatedly denied appropriate clothing.

Maybe this would not have happened if her top was a crop top.

Are Kentucky jails allowed to withhold clothing from prisoners?

Jails in different states approach clothing an inmate differently. Continue Reading…

Fashion Law

Aquazzura Sued Steve Madden

Aquazzura sued Steve Madden

On June 23, Aquazzura filed a fashion law action against Steve Madden. The allegations include design patent & trade dress infringement, unfair competition, and deceptive trade practices.

The complaint was filed in the Southern District of New York.

Aquazzura sued Steve Madden - Should a judge find Steve Madden's shoes are too similar to Aquazzura's?- Fashion Law Post
Aquazzura’s distinctive designs made it quickly well known in the fashion industry.

The complaint explains that after its 2011 launch, Aquazzura skyrocketed to fame. And since then Steve Madden has continuously tried profiting off of Aquazzura’s popularity and success. Continue Reading…