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Fueling Capitalism in Cuba #ChanelCruiseCuba

Does Cuba need luxury fashion?

Hooray for the lifting of the Cuban embargo. Now America can smack Cuba with some capitalism and export Kardashians. And for good measure, why not host a high priced luxury goods fashion show in Havana’s Paseo de Prado—the center between Old and New Havana.

Okay fine, we did not export the Kardashians. They went on their own and returned. :-/

But Chanel Cruise 2017 was just hosted in Cuba on May 3rd. This show was the first international fashion show held in Cuba since its communist revolution. And Chanel’s first Latin American show.

Top 3 ways Lagerfeld’s Chanel Cruise 2017 was inspired by Cuba:

  1. Chanel’s pearl studded sequined hat is reminiscent of both a Parisian beret and Che Guevara. The beret is a perfect hybrid of French and Cuban culture. Of course, Lagerfeld opted for Chanel’s logo instead of a star.
  2. Chanel’s collection has many classic and modern pieces utilizing ’50s car prints. Although spare parts to American made cars were hard to come by, Cubans have maintained their ’40s and ’50s vehicles. —For an affordable option that is more retro, check out this cheaper option: a 50’s A-Line Cadillac Print Dress.
  3. Chanel’s clutch with a cigar box design is a nod to Cuba’s product with the most mystique. And now that this formerly forbidden fruit is legal, Chanel is teaching us how to up-cycle the wooden boxes left over from cigar parties.

Top 3 Looks of Chanel Cruise 2017

These looks are inspired by Cuba and were showcased there but will not be sold in Cuba.

These designs will only come close to being sold on the island if some Cubana decides to supplement her new AirBNB income* by introducing the island to some counterfeit fashion. And even then this crafty Cubana would probably end up selling these goods to Americans.

Counterfeiters do not have Robin Hood ethics or Che Guevara ideals.

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Some Brands Sell Sex. Some Brands Sell Slaves.

Slave shirts may seem obviously wrong but some people thought it was a good idea.

Slave Shirts by Wasted Heroes

Slave shirts on ASOS

After receiving online criticism, ASOS removed the slave shirts from its online marketplace. The slave shirts are not actually manufactured by ASOS; the shirts are made by Wasted Heroes (the brand is online but I refuse to give the company any link cred). Continue Reading…

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Interactive Ads That Make You Run Fast

Can new sneakers get you to run?

Sneaker brands appreciate runners. Runners literally stomp the pavement, causing wear on sneaker treads. This wear leads to the need for new running shoes.

But just as every girl in cute workout leggings does not actually partake in yoga, not everyone who gets sneakers is a runner. But Reebok found a way to create runners out of regular pedestrians.

Interactive Ad for Reebok ZPump 2.0 Made People Run Fast Continue Reading…