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Does your style break fashion rules or existing laws?

With Fashion Week now taking over New York and Labor Day having just passed, I’ve been thinking a lot about the arbitrary fashion rules that plague many (from no white after Labor Day to not mixing prints). Since I’ve often seen lists of silly, ridiculous, or outdated laws I put together this post of fashion and style related things that are allegedly illegal.
Jim Carrey in Zoot suit & the Queen
Jim Carrey in Zoot suit & the Queen in a pseudo
“Bitch Stole My Look” tribute to Joan Rivers
(Read below for relevance)

This list is limited to the United States and is for entertainment purposes only.
       It is illegal to wear a fake moustache that causes laughter in church.
       You may not have an ice cream cone in your back pocket at any time.
       Masks may not be worn in public.
       In Anniston, you may not wear blue jeans down Noble Street.
       In Mobile, it shall be unlawful for any person to appear in any public place in a state of nudity or indecent or lewd dress, or make an indecent exposure of his person, or to perform or commit any indecent act.
       In Mobile, women may not wear pumps with sharp high heels.
       A misdemeanor committed while wearing a red mask is considered a felony.
       In Nogales, an ordinance prohibits the wearing of suspenders.
       In Tucson, women may not wear pants.
       School teachers who cut their hair into a bob will not get a raise.
       In Blythe, you are not permitted to wear cowboy boots unless you already own at least two cows.
       In Carmel, a man can’t go outside while wearing a jacket and pants that do not match.
       In Carmel, women may not wear high heels while in the city limits.
       In Hermosa Beach, no person shall appear, bathe, sunbathe, walk or be in any public park, playground, beach or the waters adjacent thereto, in such a manner that the genitals, vulva, pubis, pubic hair, buttocks, natal cleft, perineum, anus, anal region, or pubic hair region of any such person, or any portion of the breast at or below the upper edge of the areola thereof, of any such female person, is exposed to public view or is not covered by an opaque covering.
       In Los Angeles, Zoot suits are prohibited.
This law dates back to the 30s and 40s, especially during WWII. Back then good fabric was scarce due to the war effort; thus zoot suits, with their immense use of fabric, were seen as unpatriotic.
       In San Francisco, you cannot wipe a car with used underwear.
       In Walnut, children may not wear Halloween masks unless they individually get a special permit from the sheriff.
       In Denver, you may not drive a black car on Sundays.
       In Devon, you may not walk backwards after sunset.
       In Waterbury, beauticians may not hum, whistle, or sing while working on a customer.
       In Lewes, you cannot wear pants that are “firm fitting” around the waist.
       In Rehoboth Beach, you cannot change your clothes in your vehicle.
       Women may be fined for falling asleep under a hair dryer. The salon owner may also receive a fine.
       Men may not be seen publicly in any kind of strapless gown.
       Persons vending from mobile food units cannot wear clothing that exposes side boob or anal cleft.
       In Sarasota, it’s illegal to sing in a public place while wearing a bathing suit.
       In Satellite Beach, you may not appear in public only ‘clothed’ in full body paint or liquid latex.
       In Tampa, women may not expose their breasts while “topless dancing.”
       To swim in any pond in the city, one must wear a ‘suitable bathing suit’.
       Quitman, Georgia, it’s illegal to change the clothes on a storefront mannequin unless the shades are down.
       In Pocatello, you may not be seen in public without a smile on your face.
       In Collinsville, you cannot wear sagging pants.
       In Evanston, it is unlawful to change clothes in an automobile with the curtains drawn, except in case of fire.
       Hotel sheets must be exactly 99 inches long and 81 inches wide.
       A man with a moustache may never kiss a woman in public.
       In Lawrence, you may not wear a bee in your hat.
       In Natoma, you may not throw a knife at anyone wearing a striped shirt.
       In Owensboro, a woman may not buy a hat without her husband’s permission.
       In Boston, women may not wear heels over 3 inches in length while on the common.
       A woman isn’t allowed to cut her own hair without her husband’s permission.
       In Grand Haven, no person shall throw an abandoned hoop skirt into any street or on any sidewalk, under penalty of a five-dollar fine for each offense.
       In Rochester, bathing suits must have get inspected by the head of police.
       You must not sleep naked.
       All men driving motorcycles must wear shirts.
       All bathtubs must have feet.
       In Columbia, though clotheslines are banned, clothes may be draped over a fence.
       In Kansas City, installation of bathtubs with four legs resembling animal paws is prohibited.
       In Elko, everyone walking the streets is required to wear a mask.
New Hampshire
       You cannot sell the clothes you are wearing to pay off a gambling debt.
New Jersey
       You must not wear a bullet-proof vest while fleeing, committing, or attempting a murder.
       A man may not knit during the fishing season.
       In Caldwell, you may not dance or wear shorts on the main avenue.
       In Elizabeth, it is forbidden for a woman, on a Sunday, to walk down Broad Street without wearing a petticoat.
       In Haddon, it shall be unlawful for any person to appear in any street or public place in a state of nudity or in a dress not belonging to his/her sex
New Mexico
       For dress, the minimum requirement is anything that covers the genitalia and a woman’s areola.
New York
       Women may go topless in public.
       Two or more people may not congregate in public while each wearing a mask or any face covering which disguises your identity.
       Slippers are not to be worn after 10:00 PM.
       In Ocean City, it is illegal for men to go topless in the center of town and a law from the early 1900s prohibits men from going topless on the Boardwalk.
North Carolina
       In Charlotte, women must have their bodies covered by at least 16 yards of cloth at all times. (I guess Zoot suits are welcomed on women here).
North Dakota
       It is illegal to lie down and fall asleep with your shoes on.
       In Fargo, you may be jailed for wearing a hat while dancing, or even for wearing a hat to a function where dancing is taking place.
       In Cleveland, women are forbidden from wearing patent leather shoes, lest men see reflections of a woman’s underwear.
       In Oxford, a woman may not strip off her clothing while standing in front of a man’s picture.
       Females are forbidden from doing their own hair without being licensed by the state.
       You must not wear your boots to bed.
       You may not have the hind legs of farm animals in your boots.
       In Schulter, women may not gamble in the nude, in lingerie, or while wearing a towel.
       In Wynona, clothes may not be washed in bird baths.
       In Portland, shoelaces must be tied while walking down the street.
       In Portland, you cannot wear roller skates in restrooms.
       In Connellsville, pants may be worn no lower than five inches below the waist.
       In Morrisville, it is required that woman have a permit to wear makeup.
Rhode Island
       In Providence, wearing transparent clothing isn’t allowed.
South Dakota
       No horses are allowed into Fountain Inn unless they are wearing pants.
       In Mesquite, it is illegal for children to have unusual haircuts.
       In Norfolk, women must wear a corset after sundown and be in the company of a male chaperone.
       X-rays may not be used to fit shoes unless done so by someone in the medical field.
       It is illegal to cut a woman’s hair.
       In St. Croix, women are not allowed to wear anything red in public.

Share your favorite or additional fashion law, statute, or ordinance below.
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Ready for a très chic Parisian escape?

Bonjour mes amis!   

In the last few years we have seen a lot of designer collabos and some have been amazing hits–namely Missoni for Target.

Well, ever since I saw the sneak peaks of Catherine Malandrino designs for Kohl’s DesigNation via instagram, I have been excitedly waiting for the collection to hit stores. Malandrino is a European fashion designer (born to Italian parents in France). Malandrino’s designs capture the romantic elegance of Paris and the sophistication of New York while maintaining the casual urban vibe of both. Since like Gertrude Stein, America is my country and Paris is my hometown, I am a fan of Malandrino’s timeless looks.

Use promo code LEAVES for 15% off storewide.

Kohl’s is usually a win for me in terms of basic essentials: solid cotton tees, casual or dressy tank tops, and socks. I was going to save my post until after I saw these items in person but I have not had a chance to shop. So for now I will not vouch for the material or fit.

 photo pearl_zps8aae951b.png
“Paris Mon Amour” Tee $40, on sale for $30
Catherine Malandrino for Kohl's DesigNation Longsleeved Colorblock Top Featuring a Lock Design $40
Colorblock Top $40, on sale for $30
Above are my top three picks from this collection.

1. The Eiffel Tower Black Sheath Dress

I love sheath dresses, so naturally, the Eiffel Tower Black Sheath Dress hit number one on my list of top three pieces. The eiffel tower back looks amazing! The dress can easily become office approriate: pair with a sweater or blazer in matching black or a pop of color. Then the dress will have you happy hour/date night/party time ready at a moments notice by you simply taking off the outerwear. Yet you can show off the eiffel tower focal point at work too! Just wear a long sleeved top underneath!

2. Longsleeved “Paris Mon Amour” Top

I love a simple foreign message on a top. The deep burgundy color has the a hint of grape that makes it perfect for this season. Online this top is only available in the pearl color, which would look great paired with simple black tights, flats, and a Chanel flap bag or WOC.

3. Longsleeved Colorblock Top Featuring a Lock Design

The design of this top could have been more creative but how cannot exclude a top that reminds me of the padlocks on bridges in Paris. These are locks or padlocks placed by lovers onto the bridge to symbolize the love getting locked or being everlasting. It is a custom not exclusive to Paris but Paris is the only place I’ve seen it done. This basic top would look adorable with a short but full pleated black skirt.

Let me know if you see this collection in person.

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post.
 ♥ Thanks for reading and supporting my blog! 

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Olympic Committee Does Not Want Knitting Viewers

When the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) found out that the Ravelry group was hosting its (third) “Ravelympics” competition, they promptly (and perhaps too quickly) sent a cease and desist letter.

Knit tree image for Ravelry USOC post

Back in 1982, USOC took on a case against the Gay Olympics. The U.S. Supreme Court then ruled that USOC has exclusive rights to the word Olympics. The right can extend to words that play off of “Olympics.”

In this case, USOC is taking on the Ravelry community. The Ravelry group is a large online knitting community. Ravelry hosts a competition that takes place while watching the (traditional) Olympic games.

The knitting participants were to take on different events including “scarf hockey,”  “a sweater triathlon,” and an “afghan marathon.”

In regards to Ravelympics events, USOC’s cease and desist letter stated that Ravely’s events tend to

“denigrate the true nature of the Olympic Games. In a sense, it is disrespectful to our country’s finest athletes and fails to recognize or appreciate their hard work.”

Should USOC allow Ravelry’s Ravelympics?

Surely people do worse things than knit while watching the Olympic games. But so long as those people are not infringing on the Olympic name, I suppose they shall be fine.

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Funny legal letters & giveaway winner announced!

Since Etsy sells fashion, I consider this fun piece of legal gossip appropriate fashion law news 😉 
 Below these funny letters I announce my Hermès and gift card giveaway winner!  

  • Overly simplified background: An Etsy seller received a lot of backlash from people who discovered her items were not actually handmade by her. This Etsy seller is married to a lawyer. 

[Enter Cease and Desist Letter]

(Via Above the Law writer who got it via Regretsy.)

From the Office of:
Howard Roy Schechter Attorneys
State Bar of California #58828
10866 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90024
Ref.: Ecologica Furniture Mariana C. Schechter
We have discovered that you are source of the negative comments posted on and on your personal Facebook account. You understand that you may think reflect a true state of facts. We further understand that you may think that some sort of privilege may exist to comments made on the internet that you are somehow protected against slander liable and unfair competition as well as other torts. Be advised that the allegations that you and other have made are completely false. All Ecologica’s products are handmade and all other miscellaneous charges are equally false.
It goes without saying that is obvious from your comments that your intention is harm us in a trade or business. There’s no privilege to utter falsehoods on the internet.
Were one of the statements to be true, truth would be absolute defense. Many of the people making these comments are wreck less fools but the burden of proof is on the person making the comment each of which may be sued individually requiring separate counsel or at our election in such group as we decide. Obviously jurisdiction will lie in California with venue in Los Angeles. There is a requirement under California law that a retraction filled immediately upon request may mitigate damages. So you are hereby notified, and I failure to retract under certain circumstances allows for allegations of punitive damage which will certainly be our intention.
Those of you who have business or business contact with are also committing the TORT OF UNFAIR COMPETITION. Some of the egregious comments may also be considered ASSAULT or INTENTIONAL INFLICTION OF EMOTIONAL INJURY which always carry punitive damage some of the direct treats are also crimes under California law, and if they are repeated we shall immediately contact the Los Angeles Police Department and the District Attorney’s Office.
If you are currently represented by an attorney, request hereby made for his name address and telephone number. If you fail to provide this information we will be forced to conclude that you are unrepresented by an attorney and serve you personally should any litigation and sue.
If any of you communicate and assist each other this may well constitute the crime of conspiracy under CA and Federal Law.
If you hold any state license in any state you reside or do business these comments may be grounds from discipline, be further advised that the law is most state is that “a tale bearer has the same responsibility as the a tale maker”, so there’s no defense that you are only repeating something you heard elsewhere.
I am hopeful that your comments were an inadvertent error and will be retracted as this might be better for everyone.
Govern yourself accordingly.
Howard Roy Schechter
State Bar of California #58828
Attorney for Ecologica Furniture

Unsurprisingly, Above the Law reports that Ms. Schechter phoned them to say she wrote the letter on her iPhone as her lawyer husband dictated it to her. Now, I thought the above letter was too silly to merit a response; however, when I read Ken White’s witty response, I was moved to giggles. 

(Letter via Regretsy.)

Ken White also reported that Mr. Schechter’s family has received threats behind the Etsy controversy. Someone has gone as far as listing identifying information about the couple’s child and the school the child attends. Attacking the grammar and merits of an argument is fair game but harassing or threatening someone’s family? Not okay. 
Do you use Etsy? What are your feelings on items that are not handmade by the seller?

As for my first giveaway, thank you all for entering! 

My giveaway contest was solely sponsored by me.
My giveaway was not affiliated with any company or sponsor.

I hope the winner enjoys the scent and durability of these liners as much as I do! The winner is  Everfinest!!! Everfinestplease contact me at to claim your prize. Please do so within the following week. The second week of May is when I graduate law school, so I prefer to mail you your prize before then.

There could only be one giveaway winner but let’s be serious, this fashion law fun makes us all winners!

♥ Thanks for reading and supporting my blog!