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Is your Louis Vuitton real?

How to tell if your designer purse is real

When it comes to shopping, there is nothing I hate more than a fake. With the holiday season upon us I figured I should do my part in fighting fakes by writing a series of posts on spotting fakes.
Authentic Louis Vuitton handbag collection
All of these are authentic and were purchased at Louis Vuitton boutiques.
Buying a fake is unfashionable and far from a harmless crime. Contributing to counterfeits may promote child labor, terrorism, unsafe work conditions, hazardous materials, drug crimes, human trafficking, and higher pricing on legitimate goods.

Authentic LV Speedy:

Authentic Louis Vuitton Speedy Monogram Handbag Genuine Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy Purse

How to spot a fake handbag

First brand up is Louis Vuitton. As I’ve previously mentioned, Louis Vuitton polices its brand a lot; however, Louis Vuitton handbags and accessories are amongst the most counterfeited.
Louis Vuitton counterfeit items commonly have:
  • Unbelievably good prices
  • Hangtags
  • Uneven seams
  • Plastic, bubble wrap, or paper on handles
  • Tissue paper on hardware
  • Piping is painted or glazed red and not leather
  • Fraying
  • Rounded dust bag covers instead of square edges
  • Misspellings
  • Unfinished interior
  • Uneven design
  • Falsified date stamps
  • Yellow authenticity cards
  • Dark brown envelopes, usually with stickers that have LV trademarks
  •  Plastic hardware painted to look like brass or gold metal
  • Items Louis Vuitton never made (e.g., Cherry blossom print on a speedy or alma)

Louis Vuitton does not sell irregular bags. Not even as a discount. One time I was at the large Paris location and the sales associate was cashing me out when he realized the store no longer had the particular bag I wanted because the one showing in the system was the display one. The handbag had a tiny pen dot on it so the associate refused to sell it to me. I said I did not mind the mark. He said it was over-handled and the sale would represent the brand poorly and thus he could not sell it.

Best ways to tell if a Louis Vuitton is real:
  • Make sure it is a style Louis Vuitton actually made
  • Handles are made of rolled cowhide leather
  • The untreated leather oxidizes/ages well
  • Monogram is lined up and cut evenly
  • Even and clean stitching
  • Handbags are now made in France, U.S.A., Spain, Germany, and Italy
  • Educate yourself: visit an LV boutique, browse the LV website, or call an LV store
    •  Check if the style was made in the fabric you want
    • Verify if the inside for the particular style is supposed to be in suede
    • Is it supposed to have a D-ring inside? Where?
    • Where can you find the date code? What is the correct font and size of code?
    • Recognize the font LV uses
Do you have other tips to share? 
While the “designer” purse in Chinatown with matching wallet and belt bought for a total of $200 may seem like a great deal, I can assure you someone else negotiated a cheaper price and your “deal” has much greater consequences than a fashion crime.

Source: via Fashion on Pinterest


Keep in mind that not all counterfeits are created equal. Some counterfeits are actually made of leather and some people sell real LV dust bags and shopping bags, etc. So you need to exercise caution when shopping and receiving a designer purchase.


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