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Fashion law explained

FaFashion Blawger fashion law standing blog logoshion law is a specialized area of law that covers issues related to the business of fashion. While the term is still relatively young, fashion law has been practiced for centuries. Lawyers covering the legal issues of designers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, importers, and other fashion and style related businesses deal in the business of fashion.

Fashion lawyers counsel on all aspects of a business. Such counseling covers legal issues from business planning to mergers and acquisitions and every phase of a product’s life in between. Fashion lawyers can be self-employed, employed at law firms (from small boutique law firms to big law firms), as in-house counsel for businesses, or in the government sector.

This growing niche is the reason this blawg started. Blawg topics here at A Preponderance of Fashion mainly encompass intellectual property law and corporate law. However, other legal disciplines such as regulatory issues and employment law cases are also covered on this blog and related social media. So if you work at a mesothelioma law firm or belong to a group of asbestos lawyers, and end up working on a case wherein a customer contracted asbestos related lung cancer at a clothing store, I can cover the case as a fashion law issue.

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