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Beyoncé’s Snake Problem

Beyoncé’s ‘Mrs. Carter World Tour’ is underway in Portugal tonight. The show will go on, albeit with fashion law problems.

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Beyoncé’s custom-made silver jumpsuit, created from cobra skin by New York-based designer Rubin Singer, had a hard time at customs.

Beyoncé’s bespoke cobra-skinned piece was shipped from NY but blocked by EU authorities. Queen B’s stylists managed to file the necessary paperwork with customs in time for her shows in Lisbon tomorrow.

So take note non-PETA world traveling fashionistas! Exotic skins and furs need their own proper travel documentation when being sent across borders.

This incident is not the first time Queen Bey’s wardrobe love of animal skins has given her problems. Last year, Beyoncé was criticized for having custom-made sneakers made using a mix of stingray, ostrich, calf’s fur, crocodile, and anaconda skins.

See, even Queen B faces fashion law problems.

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