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Champagne Budget with Keg Stand Standards | Fashion Law

Chanel reissue 2.55 imitation
My iPhone still of the bags in the episode.

In tonight’s episode of Jersey Shore, Ron bought Sammie a white (possibly leather) quilted flap bag with interlocking chain and material straps from a street vendor. There was no mention of Chanel but the purse looks like a very inspired piece.

Do you think most people who buy inspired goods do so without knowledge of the design origin?

On a recent shopping trip in a high-end fashion area, I was shocked to find a store selling mostly inspired pieces. The store was nestled between many luxury stores so I was thrown off. I entertained myself by pointing out the usual designer inspired pieces: VCA, Hermès, and Chanel knockoffs.

The bags pictured above (although IMO morally wrong) are not considered Chanel replicas. Aside from dropping the interlocking Cs but sporting the classic Chanel flap leather chains, the bags do not purport to be by Chanel. Still, a bag not being a replica does not mean the copying does not go against existing intellectual property protection.

Recently, the Kardashian Kollection for Sears had a satchel pulled from its handbag line after designer Monica Botkier filed a cease and desist letter to the retailer.

“In a case like this, it’s upsetting because it’s a trademarked shape for us, and people recognize it by sight”

-Monica Botkier

Botkier’s cease and desist outed the Kardashian Kollection’s leopard print faux leather purse as be a copy of her Clyde satchel design. Since this Monica Botkier imitation was pulled from stores, it is unlikely it will appear on MTV’s Jersey Shore. But by the material and print description it sounds like it would have fit right in with the cast’s $100,000/episode: champagne budget with keg stand standards.

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