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Louboutin’s court loss can be his gain

Louboutin’s lawyers are going back to Judge Marrero today to argue for their trademark.

Louboutin's court loss celebrate with red sole shoe tape

Commemorate Louboutin’s court loss with this red sole shoe tape #fashionlawyerlifestyle

Although many people are discussing this fashion law case, but I have not seen or heard of anyone else discussing the color trademark case that Louboutin lost. -There was a case wherein Louboutin had to cease production and sale of blue soled shoes. Perhaps it was settled outside of court…

My lack of finding digital proof is helping convince me that the blue sole trademark infringement case did not exist. But I am quite sure it was not a dream of mine…

Do you recall this particular fashion law case?

I think it may have occurred in Europe…

Judge Marrero’s decision is the perfect opening for Louboutin to expand into a blue sole market

If I were Louboutin, I would use the ruling that color cannot be a trademark for use on an outsole into bringing back blue-bottomed shoes. Louboutin making blue soled shoes could be popular for use as “something blue” in weddings.

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