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Rolex Revenge Lawsuit?

Back in March 18, 2014, John Mayer filed a lawsuit against his watch broker, Robert “Bob” Maron. Mayer claimed to have been a repeated victim of Maron’s Frankenwatch Rolex sales.

Mayer has dismissed his lawsuit and claims his allegations were false. And supposedly not a penny of the original $656,000 lawsuit sought exchanged hands.

Was Charlie Sheen John Mayer’s reason for a revenge lawsuit?

Sheem may be reason for Mayer's Frankenwatch revenge lawsuit

TMZ obtained a joint statement from Mayer and  Maron:

“Two years of research restored John Mayer’s belief that Bob Maron is an expert on Rolex watches, and confirmed that Bob Maron never sold him a counterfeit watch.”

Charlie Sheen, a close celebrity friend of Maron’s, claimed the lawsuit was an act of revenge. From the start of the lawsuit, Sheen claimed Mayer was reacting out of emotion. Specifically, Sheen had replaced Mayer on the June 2012 cover of Rolling Stone. Maron reportedly was behind this magazine cover replacement.

The true reason behind the Frankenwatch Rolex lawsuit may remain a mystery. But it seems possible that Sheen called it from the start: Mayer’s counterfeit Rolex lawsuit may simply have been a case of retaliation or revenge.

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