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Shopping while Black

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I have received requests for me to do more blogging. I started this blog because I wanted to create/find a community interested in fashion law. Yet now that I have been immersing myself in it irl I realize I have slowly abandoned my blog, simply getting my messages out quickly through my twitter account.

So, this is my start at making an effort to come back to blogging more.

I titled my post “Shopping while Black” but it could be shopping as a (presumed) minority in America. The issue I’m bringing up is racial profiling. I have been confused as a lot of things between the spectrum of Black and White but usually the ambiguity of my background works against me when someone is trying to stereotype me. I know some people say that it is simply what you wear into a store but sometimes you can dress the part and be the part of a successful and sophisticated woman and still receive negative attention at a store. Race and class based discrimination are both real things throughout the globe.

Have you ever been questioned or received negative attention while shopping?
Well, several months ago, Barneys New York decided to step up their security measures to address the growing problem of theft and credit card fraud at their store. As a result, African Americans have spoken out about being stopped and questioned by security and subsequently NYPD, after simply having made legitimate large purchases at the store. One person has already filed a lawsuit against the store and NYPD and another person plans to.

Yesterday there was a group of 15-20 people in front of the Manhattan Barneys New York flagship store, staging a boycott.


If you have been following my social media, you may remember that I mentioned that Jay Z was teaming up with Barney’s for a collection this holiday season. Since Jay Z is a Black man, a role model for young children, and currently collaborating with the department store on a collection, people have been saying that he should pull out of the collabo or at least make a public announcement against the racial profiling. Since he has not joined a fight against Barneys, people have criticized his inaction.

This past weekend Jay Z acknowledged that he has been demonized over this situation. he went on to further explain that he moves and speaks based on fact rather than emotion. Pressured into giving a statement his message is
“I am against discrimination of any kind, but if I make snap judgements, no matter who it’s towards, aren’t I committing the same sin as someone who profiles?”
Jay Z’s Shawn Carter Foundation charity will receive 25% of all sales from the capsule collection collaboration with Barneys. I personally don’t agree with the outcry for him to sever ties with Barneys. As for him not speaking out as timely as some wish, I find it respectable and smart for him to wait for all the facts in this situation. Besides, he is probably preoccupied with the final details of the launch of his first fragrance: a men’s cologne named Gold Jay Z, set to debut at Barneys New York on Nov. 20th.

Macy’s has also been accused of such racial profiling. I don’t see people attacking Sean Combs to respond to the racial controversy.

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