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Tory Burch Awarded $41.2M in Fashion Law Case

On July 10th, U.S. District Judge Denise Cote ordered Lin & J International Inc. to pay Tory Burch $38.9 million in damages and $2.3 million in attorney fees. The ruling came out of a trademark infringement case.

The only creativity Lin & J’s website shows is a unique way of misspelling bracelets.

Lin & J / Isis Jewelries website showing Tory Burch designs

Lin & J / Isis Jewelries July 16, 2015 Screenshot

And yes, they are still advertising the infringing jewelry. 

In 2013, Burch sent a representative to Lin & J’s New York showroom. According to court documents, Burch’s representative was shown a variety of knockoffs. It was then that Burch first alleged that Lin & J copied and sold thousands of jewelry pieces that mirrored her designs and infringed her trademarks, including the ISIS cross designs. And interestingly enough, Lin & J added Isis to its name.

The products from this company were at a level of copying that made them counterfeits.

[See this post discussing the difference between knock-offs and counterfeits]

However, Lin & J contended its products were original designs inspired by the Coptic cross. The company filed a countersuit, claiming the Burch company was guilty of unfair trade practices, defamation, trademark infringement, and other such ridiculous claims.

Now, even though Burch has received this favorable ruling, there is no guarantee that these jewelry hoodlums over at Lin & J can or will pay. A look over at their website reveals that (after the ruling) the company is still advertising infringing goods.

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