Announcing Petite Fashion Challenge #22

Cute cold weather shopping clothes! 
‘Tis the season to go shopping and aside from what to buy someone, my biggest questions these days are what to wear. If I wear jeans and sneakers I’m comfy to run around all day and night but pair that with no makeup and a ponytail and I look like a tween. Looking younger sometimes has its perks but when I’m shopping in some places I am not helped as quickly or eagerly while I’m dressed down as compared to when I’m donning heels and a frilly designer bag (that takes away shopping bag carrying space in my hand).

If I’m going to run in and out of stores, I worry about temperature changes. It feels like the colder it is outside, the warmer it is inside shops. I need to prepare for outdoor elements but hate removing and lugging around my cold weather essentials. Howsoever can a petite dress comfy and chic?

This month’s challenge

The weather outside is frightful, but indoor shopping is warm and delightful. So, whether you have wind, rain, or snow, show me your clothes when shopping for friends or foes!

Please keep in mind that you should prepare for the cold without looking like Joey from Friends in that episode (see pic below) where he wore all of Chandler’s clothes. And yes, extra cool points will be granted for pictures taken while shopping!

I look forward to seeing your outfits!

 Post due date:  Saturday, December 29, 2012 by 3PM, US EST.

How to participate

Leave your blog name and web address in the comments below before the posting date. Within your post, use the PFC picture and link back to this original challenge post. -To post without a blog, send me your entry along with what information to reveal about yourself.

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