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The First Worthwhile Fashion Tech Is Here

Apple Watch Hermès

Apple Hermes Watch - Best fashion tech for women

Finally, a fashion tech in the luxury sector. Apple Watch Hermès* is already a success. It is the first watch to appease Apple loyalists and fashionistas alike. #FashionTech will soon be as ubiquitous as celebrity sex tapes.

Apple’s move into the luxury fashion sector

Apple Watch Hermes Designs #FashionTech #FashionLaw

As of today, the Apple Watch Hermès collection is finally available for purchase.

When the Apple Watch first launched, it was already unlike other Apple products. Apple was already known for its aesthetics and tech. With the Apple Watch, the company did not limit itself to traditional methods.

Apple stepped into the world of luxe by offering gold versions. There was already a proven track record of Apple devotees willing to splurge on sumptuousness — Remember my 24kt gold iPhone 5? Apple was smart to fill its fans’ desire for luxe.

About the Apple Watch Hermès

Apple’s current collection with Hermès is available in three band styles and up to four color choices. The watches are priced at $1,100 to $1,500. My favorite style is the double tour because it is an iconic Hermès style. The double tour watch is priced at $1,250.

Strategically, Unfortunately, the bands cannot be purchased separately. So I waver on the idea of getting my favorite look or going for the cuff. The cuff design is appealing to me for the large size (I love big watches) and because I would wear the cuff part with a twilly through it.

Given the choice, would you choose the Hermès version over other Apple watches?

Whether you go for the Single Tour, Double Tour, or Cuff style, you should not be disappointed as to the quality of the Apple Watch Hermès.

Of course, Hermès is known for making the Birkin. But it is Hermès’ quality craftsmanship that turned it into the luxury fashion house it is since it was established in 1837.

The uncompromising craftsmanship is what sets this watch apart. The bands are made by Hermès artisans in France. The watch also boasts its own set of unique faces: Apple’s reinterpretation of Hermès watch faces, which are not available in other Apple Watches.

Apple Hermes Watch Creation - #FashionTech #FashionLaw

If you are searching for luxe watches but are not interested in a smart watch, my personal favorite brands are Rolex and Audemars Piguet. They are works of art that can become family heirlooms. If you like quality and sustainability, check out my post on wood watches. And for a nice range of affordable watches that are suitable for a fashion lawyer, check out the following:

See this outfit post for ways to wear an Hermès twilly.

The Apple Watch Hermès is a perfect 2015 holiday gift idea for young professionals and graduate students. Definitely fashion lawyer approved. 😉

* Apple Watch Hermès does not roll off of my tongue as smoothly as Hermès Apple Watch.

Having developed the critical watch tech, Apple was likely the one to pitch the collaboration idea to Hermès. I understand why Apple would want to emphasize its importance by putting its name first but the name does not flow for me. Placement of name on a collaboration or licensing agreement is always an important fashion law issue.

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