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DIY Fashion Project Inspired By Chanel Cruise 2017

Chanel DIY Fashion Project

DIY your high fashion look for less, inspired by Chanel’s Cruise 2017 collection.

Top 3 Chanel Cruise 2017 Runway Looks. Post Covers Chanel DIY Fashion Project.

As I explained in my recent post, Fueling Capitalism in Cuba #ChanelCruiseCuba, Chanel’s Cruise 2017 beret is the perfect blend of French and Cuban culture.

You can make your own Chanel inspired beret for as little as $9.

I have not seen it for sale but I am willing to bet that the price tag will be more than what the average person in Cuba makes in one year.

Chanel Beret DIY Fashion Project For Under $9 - Inspired By Chanel Cruise 2017

Chanel’s beret is ripe for a fashion DIY. —Like my Chanel USB lipstick.

This DIY fashion only uses two items

This DIY fashion is too simple and cute to not replicate. It easily allows for personalized high fashion looks for less. And the style options can fit any wardrobe. Even better, you may already have a brooch or pin to use.

All you need is two things:

(1) A beret

Sequin berets or pearl studded ones will match Chanel’s Cruise 2017 beret best. But my personal favorite is the black cable-knit beret with light sequin design. But the classic red beret below is priced at $0.29.

Red beret option for Chanel fashion DIY project

Red beret for 29 cents!

(2) A brooch

Add a lightweight brooch to the front of your beret. Place it front and center where you’d imagine a revolutionary star. Feeling splurgy? Opt for a classic Chanel logo or a Chanel camellia pearl brooch.

Splurge-worthy brooches:

Affordable brooches starting at $5.99:

Chanel Fashion DIY Project Camellia Rhinestone Brooch

I like this brooch best. It’s also an homage to Chanel

Fashion law warning: beware of fakes when shopping for brooches. Vintage pieces are particularly faked. And you have to be careful what retailer or website you trust. Because even Beyond the Rack sold counterfeits.

Let me know if you take this DIY fashion project further by actually knitting your own hat or even making your own brooch!

Can you differentiate between an authentic Chanel and a counterfeit Chanel brooch?

Chanel Fashion DIY Project - Chanel double C logo gold rhinestone brooch with red lips

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