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Le Smoking is the original “borrowed from the boys” look, created by Yves Saint Laurent in 1966.

These timeless tuxedos were exclusively worn by men with power until YSL came along. These have fallen out of favor daily wear even amongst the crème de la crème. Still, I think an attorney should not leave all the 3-piece suits or tuxedos for defendants… of course we ought to leave all of the polyester ones alone for the pimps.

YSL Yves Saint Laurent Le Smoking, Silk blouse and Hermes Birkin
I was a girl scout so I believe in always being prepared. As a teen, my “being prepared” motto covered having a nail repair kit in my purse (you never know when impromptu rock climbing or intensive shopping might chip your nail). Now I manipulate this motto into sartorial splendor: a lady must shop for clothes for occasions that may come up. Besides, if you buy it the occasion will come a la Field of Dreams.

Modeling the YSL Le Smoking suit

I have heard that some law students go through their first year of law school without a suit. I think lawsuits–err, suits are just as important as laptops. Budget a quality suit into your loans. My first suggestion is Theory suiting. The quality is good, they offer free tailoring, and the cuts are classic. It is not at all that I am against cheaper clothing, as long as it is cheaper in price–not quality. I shop with longevity in mind so quality and classic looks are important to me. I will splurge on designer items but I definitely love well made affordable pieces and will not buy something just because it is designer if it is made of low quality. 
Have you bought a designer item that did not live up to your expected quality? 
Chanel Classic cap toe pumps
Classic cap toe pumps
I came into law school ready to suit up at a moment’s notice. I was 14 when I got my first suit because I was working in a professional environment. Since I was less than 100 pounds and just 5 feet tall, I had to get all my work clothes tailored. The fit of my professional attire looked so much better than my velour sweatsuits and made me feel so polished and grown up that I was immediately hooked. So it is hard for me to imagine not having even one suit in my wardrobe.

Baby boy in silk lined blazer tuxedo
See what this little charmer is wearing? The look is not only timeless but ageless too! 

A quality navy suit was a smart splurge for me because the pieces are versatile for work and casual attire, the color goes well with my natural or (spray) tanned skin, and the look is timeless. I feel the same way about all of the pieces in my look here. 

YSL Yves Saint Laurent Le Smoking, Chanel heels and Hermes Birkin
Outfit details:
YSL Le Smoking
Haute Hippie blouse
Banana Republic tank
Chanel heels
Rolex watch
Hermes Birkin
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