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FUR-rocious PETA renames the Olsen twins to Hairy Kate & Trashley

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen released a $16,900 fur patchwork backpack. I think they were rebounding from The Row’s alligator backpack, which despite the $34,000 price tag flew off the shelves. I doubt they imagined they would end up as stars of PETA’s Full House of Horrors video.

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The two essential elements of infringement are copying and improper appropriation.
Wondering why PETA may get away with making this video although the creators of Full House (likely) did not agree to such use? Well, copying is permissible if it is excused through a defense like fair use (discussed here), independent creation or if only unprotectable elements are copied. 

Here, PETA’s Trollsen twins campaign is a clear parody.* If you think PETA, in all of its fur fury, may have taken too much of the orginal Full House show I want to point you to when 2 Live Crew did a parody of Roy Orbison’s “Oh, Pretty Woman.”**

The bloody mess of a dress is definitely a Carrie at Prom look but also somewhat of a July 4th look. So, if you have to go to work and you’re wondering what to wear to celebrate July 4th, perhaps my PETA styling will motivate you.

Ashley Olsen styled by Fashion Blawger via PETA
On PETA’s site, hovering over the items that are dripping blood tells you how the animals died
Okay, aside from looking like a zombie, Ashley Olsen Trashley looks like she had an unfortunate surprise from every woman’s favorite monthly visitor.
While styling Mary Kate Hairy Kate, I realized I may not be PETA approved:
Gucci fur coat
Outfit details
Me: Gucci; M-K: Design by PETA   🙂
Okay, I do not actually mean to poke fun of animals that are killed for fashion or promote the killing of animals. With so many things to worry about in life, I don’t currently include animal rights issues on my plate–I just include animals on my dinner plates. But if you are into these issues, please feel free to school me on them!
Let me know what you think of PETA’s campaign!

The mess of a bag that got PETA all worked up against the twins is available here.

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*A parody makes fun of an original work by imitating and distorting it; audience must recognize the connection between the parody and the original, which requires some copying of the original
** The court held that even though 2 Live Crew’s parody took the first line of lyrics and characteristic opening bass riff from the original and therefore made the heart of the original the heart of the parody, this was purposely done “to purloin a substantial portion of the essence of the original” Campbell, 510 U.S. at 587

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