Petite fashion challenge #13

Stylish for under $100
This month’s challenge is hosted by Really Petite.
The challenge:
“Put together a professional outfit (excluding shoes and accessories) for under $100”
Perhaps it is the (soon to be) lawyer in me finding loopholes, but since the petite fashion challenge does not really say I have to photograph myself wearing the outfit, I am posting this challenge with a photograph of the outfit sans moi. 
Outfit sketch:

I am including the quick sketches above to show my idea on how to layer the cropped top over the button down blouse and suspenders.

Grand total (before tax): $74 USD

I think that Express is good for basics but petite women who weigh less than 115 pounds may find fit issues at this store because of the vanity sizing. At this store I wear an XS top and 0S pants. The editor (flared style) pants come in this short cut that at 5’1″ works well with me with heels or flats.

The pants and blouses are commonly on sale for buy one (at $69.95) and get one half off but they often have further reductions, so I suggest not buying them at full price.

Outfit details:
Express editor pants (on sale for $30), 
Express button-down (on sale for $25), 
H&M suspenders ($10), H&M cropped shirt ($9)
Chanel GST handbag, Hermès flats
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