Petite Fashion Challenge #9 (My first)

While looking through petite fashion blogs I discovered Petite Fashion Challenges!  Fast Food & Fast Fashion is the host of this particular challenge (#9).

The challenge, “Heat Wave Appropriate,” is

“to create an outfit that accounts for the various environmental factors that plague us in the summer…[to show] how you dress when it’s 90 degrees outside and 65 degrees inside.”

Here is my quick post:

Heat Wave Appropriate Work Outfit

Petite Fashion - Heat Wave Appropriate Work Outfit  Petite Fashion - Heat Wave Appropriate Work Outfit
Top: Kohls reversible tank (option of high crew neck or this lower square neck)
Skirt: Carolina Herrera – Shoes: Christian Dior
Jacket: Black Theory Blazer – Bag: Classic Black Chanel flap w/ GHW – Belt: Vintage Versace
To shorten this skirt or not? That is my question. 🙂
If it is cold in the office or I have to run to court I swap the belt for a necklace and throw on a blazer.  This look would be really cute with a fun colored top.  With the black on black, a necklace is needed to add some interest.
Below is a photo taken the (extremely hot) day I wore this outfit. Due to the humidity, my hair was a little como si dice, frizzy? And natural because straightening your hair during a heat wave is a no.
Petite career fashion blogger - summer ootd
Better look at my wedgesBruno Magli 'Emilie' Wedges

Below is my hair today (same outfit with no heat wave):
Classic Career Hairstyle
Anthropologie Hair clip

I notice that my skirt may actually benefit from being shortened further.  I already had it hemmed 5+ inches from the original length.  I like having different hem length options in my closet but I think this one cuts at my legs in a way that shortens them. I will likely wait to see how I like the skirt with black tights and black shoes before chopping at it further since it was so expensive and originally designed midi length.

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