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See through her skirt, melt through her dress, but don’t sag your pants!

Bonjour mes amis!

The use of shock factor to express individualism is so common that dressing in timeless pieces is now how you appear unique amongst a crowd. Given Kim K’s date outfit, she most likely does not share my opinion. To be fair to my opinion, I must add that paparazzi swarming her is due to the fame she built from a sex tape… albeit a sex tape that I assume starred her assets…

Kim Kardashion see through skirt


 Do you feel desensitized to strange appearances due to the ubiquitous bizarre looks in today’s culture? 

Keep reading to see more pics with “shock factor” and for a fashion law view of this butt.

Kim Kardashion see through skirtKim Kardashion see through skirt

Source: via Fashion on Pinterest

How Kim K’s butt relates to fashion law:

Besides needing to be classified as a fashion crime, I think this outfit should actually be considered a crime in Florida. Silly? No. 

Have you ever heard of Florida’s saggy pants law? Well, it was a measure pushed for six years before passed into state law in July 2011. The state law is a ban on wearing baggy/sagging pants while at school. So, school officials may now add fashion police onto their resumés.

Luckily for Kim K, I doubt her date with Kanye West was at a Florida public school. Similarly, if Kim K ran off to a picnic in a park in Opa-locka she would not be in violation of law. Opa-locka, a suburb of Miami, has banned apparel that exposes undergarments in all city buildings and parks. I doubt this law would hurt Kim K because she does not seem to be wearing underwear beneath that skirt; however, there is something wrong with the fact that showing underwear would be punishable but a clearly visible crack would pass. 

Do you think Kim K intended to show her butt?

In France, naked bodies in print is common. This Paris ad on side of van uses a bare butt to sell beds.

Bare glutes on model


Equally stunning news:

For TWELV magazine’s second issue, sculptor Takeo Okamoto was commissioned to create a gown. A gown made of ice. They had to top their first issue’s gummy bear dress.

Gown made of ice

I included it here to not feature it in a new post as I would have not so wittingly titled the post “Ice, Ice, Baby”

… you’re welcome.

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