Currently loving &/or longingly coveting

I love it when I find things that make my days easier or more enjoyable. I want to share those things with you along with things I’m craving.
My idea is to later pull from these lists for giveaways*. 
Currently loving:
  1. After much research I determined the Tenba DSLR & laptop carrier bag to be my perfect blogger bag! The compartments and durability seem unmatched.
  2. I reach for Hermès vetiver scented drawer liners for a little touch of luxury that goes a long way during spring cleaning!
  3. Law in a Flash: I suggest these flash cards as a fun study tool for law students. I own 7 subjects.
  4. Patent leather bow belt. It is skinny enough to wear on the waist but also large enough to wear on my hips. What more could I want?
  5. Recent stays at Four Seasons hotels have introduced me to L’Occitane en Provence. I cannot believe I never tried the L’Occitane product line! My hands are in heaven with this soap!
  6. The JCrew stain bar (aside from dry cleaners) has been a life saver for my french cuff shirts.
  7. Yes, a simple multi-color bic pen makes my list. The colors are pastels instead of the usual primary ones and it is perfect for marking up documents.
  8. I never understood why some women, if forced to pick, would choose mascara as their one makeup product (instead of lipgloss)….but then I found Smashbox hyperlash mascara. Wow!
  9. Les tissages de Chanel blush duo in 30 Tweed Rose works well all year round on my skin because it gives me a natural rosy “just came from a run” flushed look.
Longingly coveting:
  • The perfect walkable nude pump…I have yet to find one!
  • DVF wrap dresses (like the two below from my instagram/webstagram: @fashionblawger)
  • Apothia wave candles smell great and are very relaxing but equally pricey and my last one sold out 🙁
  • I love dress forms and this one has proportions that are fairly similar to mine but I will move to another country soon so I know the thrill would only be short lived.
Have you tried any of my picks above?
♥ Thanks for reading and supporting my blog! 
*BTW: I am less than 20 readers away from my 100 reader milestone that will call for my first giveaway!

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