Fashion Law Lifestyle YouTube

As a way to start pushing this fashion law blog more into a lifestyle one with a fashion law lens, I have started to accept offers of products to review and demo. My reviews are and will continue to be done in compliance with FTC regulations. I never guarantee a favorable review. Sponsored posts will only be done in my words and my voice will remain uninfluenced. 

I am new to filming so I thank you in advance if you decide to find me on YouTube and bear with me through my learning. I hope you enjoy my insight or demos of products I enjoy or have tried. Most products featured will be for a general young professional audience.

So while one of my videos was about DIY pre-workout gummy bears and another about the FlipBelt zipper edition, I have just made an #ArmBloodPressureMonitor review. I have high blood pressure so I was happy to review this item (in exchange for my honest and unbiased review).

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