Burn Notice! The Honest Company Sunscreen Problems

The Honest Company has been giving customers peace of mind but now it is receiving a piece of customers’ minds over Honest company sunscreen burn results. 

The Honest Company ad with Jessica Alba

The Honest Company is a one billion dollar consumer goods company, co-founded by Jessica Alba. The company sells eco-friendly non-toxic household products. It was featured on the cover of Forbes magazine, in June.

Last year, the company’s sunscreen received negative reviews. Customers (on Amazon) complained that the product was too thick and greasy or left visible white sunblock after application. The company responded with a new formula.

Have you shopped The Honest Company products?

Now, The Honest Company’s reformulated SPF 30 sunscreen has received worse reviews: people on social media are claiming that despited repeated applications of the sunscreen, they and/or their children have received sunburns.

The mineral-based sunscreen component is zinc oxide. Zinc oxide absorbs or deflects the three major classifications of ultraviolet light.

The aesthetic problem is that zinc oxide is best when used in a concentration so high that it does not disappear and is relatively thick and greasy-like trying to rub on some Aquaphor.

This year’s reformulated sunscreen reduced the zinc oxide from 20 percent to 9.3 percent.

According to a statement made by The Honest Company to People magazine, the product passed the FDA’s highest inspection rating for over-the-counter sunscreen products. Still, it may be the case that making the formula more aesthetically pleasing by reducing chance of white or greasy residue, may have compromised the product.

What to do if you were sunburned using sunscreen

To those of you who may have been burned by the Honest Company’s sunscreen, there are cheap and easy home remedies for sunburns.

My olive toned skin usually keeps me free from sunburns. But one day during law school, maybe inspired by a Jersey Shore marathon, I decided to GTL and got sunburned. On my way home from the tanning salon I stopped at CVS and the only sunburn relief available was CVS Instant Burn Relief Spray. I had instant results with it.

Adults with sunburns (and no aspirin allergies) can crush aspirin and mix it into a paste with water and apply it topically. Follow this with aloe vera and stay hydrated. So swap that mixed drink with a cold tea or water and stay in the shade. Damaged skin will never be in fashion.

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