Say “oh, no! no!no!” – No!no! 8800 Hair Removal System Review

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Have you tried the no!no! hair removal system?

Keeping a professional image includes body hair maintenance, but this product is not the way to go. I’m shocked this product received rave reviews by magazines.

I had a roommate who never worried about shaving her legs or underarms because heavy use of an epilator killed her likely barely there hair growth! I bought the same epilator but the hair removal was so painful and irritating to my skin that it was not worth totally replacing the razor. I later opted for laser hair removal for my underarms and loved the results.

[Enter no!no! 8800]
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I only used no!no! daily for one month but I refuse to continue using this piece of scam. 😛

Thinking it would at least weaken hair growth, I opted for no!no! over costly laser treatments for my legs. No!no! was a waste of time and money.

I doubt this product would achieve hair density reduction with continued use any more so than rubbing your skin hairless against a wall would reduce your hair. 


  • Pink color
  • Lightweight

  • No matter how much I went over an area, I could not get the skin to feel completely smooth or look fully hairless
  • It seems to only burn off the ends of hair, not the whole follicle (laser hair works because you shave and then the laser attacks the color of the hair left in the follicle)
  • It takes a while to go over large areas 
  • There is a hair burning smell (similar to when you do laser hair removal)
  • The skin buffer does all the work but that isn’t a permanent change
  • I usually do not get ingrown hairs but if I didn’t use the buffer I’d get ingrown hair
  • The machine now stops continuously after every 1/2 inch of movement and I have to turn it off then back on to get it to work momentarily again

Verdict: The concept is great but the execution is poor. 

How to prevent ingrown hairs

Before posting my review, I saw many reviews on the Sephora website. It seems that people love it or hate it. I wonder if maybe there are just a lot of defected products released. A lot of the positive reviews spoke of minimized ingrown hairs (a likely effect of the buffer pad). If this is a problem for you, the answer is likely to exfoliate. Weekly use of body scrubs will keep your skin fresh and smooth. Also, try shaving with coconut oil instead of shaving cream. Coconut oil prevents irritation and moisturizes your skin well before and after the attack of your razor blade.

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