SonicBLEND Antimicrobial Sonic Makeup Brush by Michael Todd Beauty Review

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Disclosure: I received this product free in return for my unbiased review. The opinions are 100% mine. My review reflects my personal experience with the new sonicBLEND makeup brush. I only recommend products or services I like and would be willing to pay for.

The makeup brush everyone should have.

Have you ever wished your makeup tools were self-cleaning? Or that instead of possibly clogging your pores your makeup and makeup brushes would make you appear perfect while actively making your skin flawless? Well, that doesn’t exist yet. But this antimicrobial makeup brush is the closest thing.

My skin is sensitive and became acne prone in my adult years. So, although I am a certified makeup artist, I rarely wear makeup.

So I was intrigued but skeptical when I was offered the chance to try this new antimicrobial sonic makeup brush. Since I was assured that my review could be honest no matter my opinion, I accepted it for review.

Michael Todd Beauty is a brand I’ve become familiar with via Ulta. I love that the brand is cruelty free and uses natural 100% organic ingredients in its skincare products.

The makeup brush for acne prone skin.

Michael Todd Beauty claims that this antibacterial makeup brush

“can help improve the overall health and condition of your skin by minimizing clogged pores as well as irritation from rubbing and stretching the skin which can occur with traditional makeup application.”

Do you know facts or stories behind how people are allegedly stretching their skin with traditional makeup application?

This piece of Michael Todd Beauty’s claim seems a bit of a stretch to me. 😉

The claim that it may minimize clogged pores caused by irritation and rubbing of some makeup application techniques makes sense. What I am missing is the how part. I could not find which patented technology they are using. So I hope the factual explanations are added to their site.

This makeup brush did not irritate my sensitive skin or cause breakouts. I tested it along with a foundation that works well on my skin. And although this is an antimicrobial makeup brush I feared that the sonic spinning motion could actually drive contaminants into my skin.

I appreciate that the sonicBlend brush has different speeds. I used it at the lowest setting and in the powered off setting.

This antibacterial makeup brush changes everything.

This makeup brush can be the ultimate game changer.

The antibacterial makeup brush head is separate from the rechargeable brush handle. So I imagine that Michael Todd Beauty may add replacement heads to the sonicBlend makeup category.

Although the product sample I received is mine to keep, I am already contemplating a new brush. But maybe I’ll just need new heads.

Although the shape of this brush is already quite versatile, the company could totally release a line with interchangeable heads.

The sonicBlend makeup brush can save you money.

Michael Todd Beauty’s claims, and my personal experience, tells me that this makeup brush can save me money. If you wear makeup regularly, then it could save you a lot more.

I already have a foundation brush that I am happy with. It is sold to use with my preferred foundation so the two are a good fit. So I tried half of my face with my original favorite makeup brush and the other half with the sonicBlend brush. For my comparison, I used equal amount of foundation and no primer.

My foundation has buildable coverage. The amount I used seemed to provide slightly more coverage with the sonicBlend. So in essence I would not have to use as much for my desired coverage.

SonicBlend antimicrobial makeup brush technology

The sonicBlend did a better job at diminishing the look of the pores on my nose. The technology used helps minimize appearance of wrinkles and pores. The sonicBlend technology strategically fills in surface imperfections.

“Sonic bristle movements oscillate thousands of times per minute to ensure an airbrush-like finish.”

The technology used on this makeup brush is the same as the technology employed on the Soniclear face brushes: there is built in protection against microbial contamination.

In laboratory tests, surfaces treated with the antimicrobial in Soniclear showed 99.9% inhibition of stain and odor causing bacteria after 24 hours compared with an untreated control.

The technology used is effective and safe. The antimicrobial product protection in Soniclear Brush Heads does not come off during the normal life of the brush. The warranty is for one year; however, it is unclear how long the technology remains active.

Final sonicBLEND makeup brush thoughts.

Overall, I did not like that it took me longer to use the sonicBlend brush. There was definitely a learning curve with it for me. As my comfort level with it increases I bet it will be one of the tools I will wonder how I lived without.

SonicBLEND Antimicrobial Sonic Makeup Brush




Quality of Manufacture




Ease of Use


Makes life Easier



  • Did not make me breakout
  • Good on combination skin
  • Does not stimulate oil production
  • Uses less product for good application
  • Airbrush appearance


  • Does not actively clear acne
  • Can irritate dry skin
  • Only comes with one brush head
  • Learning curve

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