Why star a femme fatale when you can have a femme légale?

Have you noticed the trend of law ladies in this Fall’s TV lineup? 

"Legally Blonde" screenshot of Elle Woods

Given the popularity of “Law & Order” and “Legally Blonde” amongst millennials, it is no surprise more law based entertainment has risen. Although Lifetime recently wrapped up longterm legal comedy-drama “Drop Dead Diva,” and “Fairly Legal” was cancelled after a few seasons on the USA Network, more leading legal ladies appeared this Fall.

Bad Judge TV Show Ad Promo

“Bad Judge” stars Kate Walsh as a Los Angeles County Circuit Court judge with a scattered personal life and an ethically questionable courtroom demeanor. Portraying an otherwise smart and successful character as a promiscuous hot mess is annoyingly overdone. If the show does not amp up the comedy factor or intrigue the audience via some original cases or captivating personal life, it is unlikely to get picked up for another season. A better plot would be a show loosely based on the life of Judge Judy or Judge Milian.

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“Cristela” stars Cristela Alonzo in a family sitcom reminiscent of George Lopez and Roseanne. The main character is a Mexican-American woman entering her sixth year of law school (although it takes 3 years of law school in America to earn a JD)In the first episode, Alonzo takes on an unpaid internship at a law firm where during her interview she was mistaken as the help by her boss’s daughter/co-worker. This show is one to watch. 


How to Get Away With Murder TV Show Tweet Promo
How to Get Away With Murder stars Viola Davis as a criminal law professor who challenges her 1L (first-year) law school students to vie for a position at her law firm. Somehow the best students of the batch get caught up in a murder plot. And if you’re reading this there is a very high likelihood you are interested in both fashion and the law, so do not miss this show. From casual clothes to professional attire, this show has it all.

Do you follow any law based TV shows?

Shows like Oprah Winfrey Network’s “Staten Island Law” have flopped because it is particularly difficult to capture the thrill of lawyer life. That said, if someone is looking for a fashion lawyer to star in a reality show or as a TV consultant, I volunteer as tribute. 

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