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Retail Business Poly Bag Packaging Law Requirements

This blog post was sponsored by Rook Pack. My voice and article content was not influenced. #RookPackBags are suffocation warning compliant poly bags.

Suffocation warnings help prevent child asphyxiation due to poly bags

Plastic poly bag suffocation warnings

I am almost positive that you have seen bag labels with obvious suffocation warnings along the lines of “WARNING: This bag is not a toy. Do not use in cribs.”

As a kid, I thought suffocation warnings were ridiculous. I figured that anyone who did not innately perceive these precautions probably could not read or comprehend these warnings.

Most people probably don’t pay attention to these labels. I hardly thought of them until my late teens when I was in Mexico and saw a child with a plastic bag over her head (photo below).  Continue Reading…

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Brands Can Use Pokémon Go to Catch Millennials

Brands can use Pokémon Go to catch millennials

Big brands and small businesses alike can benefit from Pokémon Go without infringing on the Pokémon brand. Valuable consumers-slash-potential customers are chasing Pokémon.

Can Businesses Turn Pokémon Go Players Into Paying Patrons? | Brands Can Profit From Pokémon Go

Businesses can definitely turn Pokémon Go players into patrons. Pokémon chasers should totally be used to help businesses become more cash flow positive.

Businesses remain relevant by changing with the times. Nowadays it is critical to incorporate an online presence. Social media pages should always adhere to the brand image but the content strategy should be flexible enough to include trending topics.

There is a right way to refer to other brands when self-promoting

When a trending topic is another brand or business, an unaffiliated business can use the trending topic to promote itself. Of course, there is a right and wrong way to piggyback off of the fame of another business or brand.

Businesses would benefit from discussing potential liability issues with an attorney. Fashion lawyers love this stuff 😉

How Entrepreneurs Can Profit From Pokémon Go

If you’re a business owner, remember that it is crucial to not infringe on the legal rights of another brand. Continue Reading…

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Alexander Wang Finally Wins Against Counterfeiters

Alexander Wang was awarded $90 million in damages against his brand’s counterfeiters.

Of course, it is unlikely the designer will ever be able to recover the damages since the owners of the domain names are almost impossible to trace.

The judge found that the defendants had purposely concealed their identities and failed to comply with previous injunctions.

The judgment was ruled under the Trademark Counterfeiting Act in United States District Court, S.D. New York.

The case involved at least 45 defendants operating 459 websites that sold fake Alexander Wang apparel and accessories. As part of the ruling, the domain names were locked and transferred to Alexander Wang and the defendants’ assets were frozen.

The domain names will likely be the only addition to Wang’s portfolios from this case.

Internet counterfeiters are notoriously difficult to find. Websites selling counterfeit goods are registered under false names and other fake information.

These counterfeiters are virtually impossible to track down.

This fashion law counterfeiting and cybersquatting case was Alexander Wang, et al. v. Wang Bao D/B/A, et al.