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Chanel Authenticity Tips for Authenticating Chanel Jewelry

Have you ever wondered if a vintage good was authentic? Chanel authenticity can be tricky.

Vintage pieces are particularly faked. You have to be careful which retailer or website you trust. Even Beyond the Rack sold counterfeits.

Can you decipher Chanel authenticity between double C logo brooches?

Vintage Chanel jewelry is often counterfeited because early Chanel jewelry did not include special markings or hallmarks.

Brooch from Chanel authenticity post Brooch from Chanel authenticity post Brooch from Chanel authenticity post

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Brooch from Chanel authenticity post Authentic brooch from Chanel authenticity post

Quality of vintage Chanel materials

Chanel costume jewelry pieces produced between the 1970s and 1990s should be heavy. Most pieces were gold plated but started with a heavy base metal.

Chanel authenticity re trademarks and markings

Depending on the season and year that a piece was produced, the hallmarks vary. When inspecting these markings, it is important to scrutinize the font, depth, and location of the different insignias.

Chanel Authenticity Tips - Chanel Jewelry & Brooch Authenticity Guide

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Is Your Moncler Real?

How to tell if a Moncler coat is authentic

In good fashion law news, Moncler has been successful against many counterfeiters. The bad news is that many remain. Whether you are purchasing a Moncler coat or received one as a gift, it is not always easy to tell whether the Moncler is fake.

Can you decipher an authentic Moncler coat from a fake?

Use this guide as a reference to check authenticity of Monclear models from the last decade.

In its Autumn/Winter 2008 collection, Moncler added a new anti-counterfeit measure: a certilogo tag with a unique 12-digit identification code pertaining to each jacket. However, Moncler moved to its own authentication system in 2013. It now uses QR codes and you can register your Moncler jacket. If your entry matches their system you will be thanked for registering; otherwise you will be asked to contact customer service.
Real and fake Moncler brand tags

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Moncler items on auction sites

Many Moncler styles and colors are counterfeited. But the most popularly faked and found on auction sites are the Branson, Lucie, and Quincy models. The Lucie model has not been produced since 2007 but they some how keep appearing as “NWT” on auction sites.

If you are shopping on an auction site, request pictures that show the location of labels and patches. Do not rely on closeups.


Good Moncler fake

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Moncler Wins a Landmark Fashion Law Battle

Moncler counterfeits are taking a hit.

Moncler has won a landmark battle against Chinese counterfeiters.

If a new brand expects to expand outside of the U.S., it is critical to strategize a brand protection schedule. Outside of the U.S., many places use a “first to file” system, so a trademark troll could file before the real owner and slyly own the right to the brand.

Moncler ad with text: Moncler has won a landmark battle against Moncler counterfeits in China

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This protection may be more critical when the products are manufactured in Asia and your popularity extends to the virtual world.

Anti-counterfeit measures include protecting production chains.

To help protect its savoir-faire, Moncler (an Italian apparel company) has always controlled its whole productive chain, from manufacturing logistics to external suppliers.

A Moncler storefront in Asia - one inspiration for Moncler counterfeits

A Moncler storefront in Asia

Recently, Moncler announced that it caught a group manufacturing counterfeit Moncler items in a factory which was formerly included in Moncler’s productive chain.

The fashion law meaning of UA products or unauthorized copies.

Workers of a factory sometimes steal the product designs and material to produce UA copies” or “unauthorized copies.”

Factories that were once part of a fashion business’s supply chain can sometimes produce counterfeits identical to the originals.

When a company is going to remove a factory from its operations, it is critical to retrieve all blueprints, materials, and molds. Of course, this task can be hard to impossible to confirm.

Of course, once the UA term was used enough, it became almost synonymous with a AAA quality counterfeit. All tricky terms used by counterfeiters to convince a buyer that a fake good is a quality good.

Moncler is also a victim of traditional counterfeiting.

In 2013, Moncler discovered that Beijing Nuoyakate Gourmet Co. Ltd., a Chinese company, was manufacturing and selling jackets with counterfeit Moncler logos.

In December 2014, Moncler sued the Chinese company. The lawsuit was filed in China’s newly established Intellectual Property Court of Beijing.

Court ordered fashion law damages.

On November 16, 2015, judges ordered the defendant to pay 420,000 euros in damages.

WWD reports that Moncler stated:

“This is a groundbreaking case, believed to be the first judgment under China’s new Trademark Law to grant maximum statutory damages.”

Moncler counterfeits caught.

Last year, Moncler confiscated over 450,000 counterfeit items globally.

While these are all wins for Moncler, many Moncler counterfeits remain. The fashion law battle will undoubtedly continue.