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Counterfeit Goods in Thailand

In Thailand, I visited Tilleke & Gibbins, a leading Southeast Asian regional law firm. The firm hosts and maintains a Textile Collection and a Museum of Counterfeit Goods.

Have you heard of Museums of Counterfeit Goods?

I have been to the one in Paris and am happy to now have also visited the one in Thailand.

Counterfeit Goods Museum in Thailand, wall before entrance

Generally, the same IP rights and ability of IP enforcement exist in Thailand as in the U.S. but the Thai system (as with the EU) is a first to file trademark system.*

However, the brand owner (or authorized agent) has to personally make a complaint with the local  police. An investigation and police raid follow. A court action on trademark infringement is then necessary so that the brand owner may petition the court for an injunction against the production and sales of the counterfeit goods. Continue Reading…

Bar Exam Prep

Bar Exam Mnemonics

 Ah, bar exam mnemonics.* If you consider this practice a hinderance, then you are doing it wrong. To stay interested, I made my bar exam mnemonics fashion law related.

A popular bar exam mnemonic from David Epstein’s Barbri contracts lecture is

Armadillos From Texas Play Rap, Eating Tacos”

This mnemonic should remind you of how you can address contracts essay answers:

Applicable law – Formation – Terms of the contract – Performance – Remedies – Excuses for non-performance – Third party problems.

Particularly during time constraints and exam pressure, this armadillo mnemonic can be confusing to recall. Was the Armadillo eating tacos while playing rap? Was the Armadillo named Jay Z?

Bar exam mnemonics - Berkeley Law student's Tort Bunny

Source:, law bunny comic by a Berkeley Law grad

Bar examinees have complained that bar review companies supply too many mnemonics. Sure, if studying mnemonics make you sacrifice critical essay practice time or actual substantive law study, by all means move on. But exam mnemonics should be a simple aid to help you recall information.

For me, armadillos kept me awake during the lectures but I did not think of them again until recently (because armadillos are causing leprosy outbreaks in Florida).

My contracts reminder was fashion law related:

Armani Family Thinks People Really Enjoy Tiers

This mnemonic made sense to me because it is true to me. And true generally. Continue Reading…

Fashion Law

Rolex Revenge Lawsuit?

Back in March 18, 2014, John Mayer filed a lawsuit against his watch broker, Robert “Bob” Maron. Mayer claimed to have been a repeated victim of Maron’s Frankenwatch Rolex sales.

Mayer has dismissed his lawsuit and claims his allegations were false. And supposedly not a penny of the original $656,000 lawsuit sought exchanged hands.

Was Charlie Sheen John Mayer’s reason for a revenge lawsuit?

Sheem may be reason for Mayer's Frankenwatch revenge lawsuit

TMZ obtained a joint statement from Mayer and  Maron:

“Two years of research restored John Mayer’s belief that Bob Maron is an expert on Rolex watches, and confirmed that Bob Maron never sold him a counterfeit watch.”

Charlie Sheen, a close celebrity friend of Maron’s, claimed the lawsuit was an act of revenge. From the start of the lawsuit, Sheen claimed Mayer was reacting out of emotion. Specifically, Sheen had replaced Mayer on the June 2012 cover of Rolling Stone. Maron reportedly was behind this magazine cover replacement.

The true reason behind the Frankenwatch Rolex lawsuit may remain a mystery. But it seems possible that Sheen called it from the start: Mayer’s counterfeit Rolex lawsuit may simply have been a case of retaliation or revenge.

Fashion Law

Converse suing Chuck Taylor copycats

Converse is suing to stop others from copying what it claims are distinctive elements of its design, introduced in 1917: rubber toe cap, rubber bumper, two thin black stripes, and diamond pattern sole

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers
I tweeted about this Converse fashion law case but decided to expand on it here because articles covering the case have confused copyrights and trademarks. 

A licensing deal with the government is a smart business move. Chuck Taylor All Star shoes not only gained popularity for being the first basketball shoe, but they garnered popularity in the streets as lingering prison attire à la baggy pants: aside from pants and tops or jumpsuits (depending on the coast), white Chuck Taylors were state issued to prisoners.

This month, in the United States District Court in Brooklyn, Converse filed 22 separate lawsuits accusing 31 companies of trademark infringement. Companies named in the suit include Bob’s, Kmart, Ralph Lauren, and Tory Burch.

Continue Reading…