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Rise of Unpaid Intern Lawsuits Lead to Rise in Crime

There is going to come a time when Americans bemoan the absence of interns. But before then, we will have many teens and twenty-somethings without supervised work to occupy their time. And consequently the workforce will see a rise in young professionals who are ill-prepared to make collated copies. A rise in crime will inevitably follow.

Being a fashion law blogger, I have covered many employment law cases involving unpaid interns (find links at end of this post). In my fashion law news articles and updates I lean towards being Switzerland. But I am tired of unpaid intern claims.

Let me be clear, it is not fine to mislabel employees as interns.

But if you were to go to KFC for extra crispy chicken after workouts instead of making skinless chicken with veggies, should you expect your results to be like the reasonable person who exercises the same as you but calculates macros and opts for post-workout protein shakes? No! We are not all me circa my DOB through 2013. RIP former metabolism. I hope to find you again at least before 30.

Back to my topic, if you are lucky enough to land an unpaid fashion internship, should you expect to get paid? No! Those professing otherwise will cause problems.

Certainly you should not expect to displace an actual employee. But long hours? Yes. Fashion does not sleep. Why should you? Invest in something like La Mer and caffeine it up.

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A&F Lawsuit: 62K People Say They Were Forced to Shop

Last Thursday, a California federal judge certified a class of approximately 62,000 Abercrombie & Fitch Co. (A&F) employees who brought an employment lawsuit.

This fashion law case claims A&F employees were forced to shop A&F clothing for workwear, and thus in some cases A&F stole wages.

Abercrombie storefront - A&F lawsuit

Named plaintiff, Alexander Brown, alleges that A&F implements a statewide practice of requiring employees to purchase its clothing to wear at work and has failed to reimburse the plaintiffs for the purchases.

See also: Post on recent A&F discrimination cases (with link to A&F “look policy”)
and Abercrombie snubbing Jersey Shore cast.

Abercrombie’s “Look Policy” requires workers on the floor to wear “clothes, accessories and footwear that are similar in style and fit to the brand, and that are consistent with the current fashion season and colors” but that aren’t “clearly that of a competitor.” Continue Reading…

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Abercrombie’s Recent Discrimination Based Cases

Abercrombie & Fitch is no stranger to publicized legal problems. But in this fashion law case, an Abercrombie employee openly admitted to changing her hiring decision due to an applicant’s hijab.

Abercrombie logo on hijab

For the actual Samantha Elauf, check out her site at

Early this month, in an 8-1 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected a holding that to prove discrimination, a job applicant must advise an employer of a religious practice necessitating accommodation. Instead, job seekers need only demonstrate that a prospective employer’s desire to avoid providing an accommodation was a motivating factor in its decision not to hire.

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