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Back to the Future Fashion Law

Back to the Future fashion law

So, as I posted earlier, I spotted the Back to the Future car on I-5. I did not realize my spotting was on the eve of “Back to the Future day” until I saw it trending on social media. On my post I also touched on the Back to the Future fashion law via a Calvin Klein reference.

Now, Back to the Future fashion law is growing.

The Back to the Future fashion has been introduced by Nike. The introduction is very appropriate on this Back to the Future day. 🙂

Nike Mag Back to the Future fashion law sneakers

Would you wear this Back to the Future fashion?

As you may be able to tell from Nike’s animation, the futuristic sneakers are appropriately self lacing.

Michael J Fox’s letter from Tinker Hatfield (below) makes me think of the design patent fashion law possibilities that could be for Nike’s Back to the Future inspired sneakers.

In the letter, Hatfield writes

“although the project started as science fiction, we’re now proud to turn that fiction into fact.”

So, just as the overboard prediction sort of came true, the Nike air MAG’s are here too.

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Fashion Law

Skechers Says Steve Madden Used its Shoe Patents

Skechers USA Inc. filed a lawsuit against Steven Madden Ltd. for allegedly infringing on numerous “Skechers Go Walk” designs. These design elements are protected under its Skechers’ shoe patents.

Three of the shoes above are by Skechers. Can you tell which is the allegedly infringing Setta style from the Steven by Steve Madden collection?

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Fashion Law

Cartier Fashion Law Case in California

The creation studio of Cartier filed an intellectual property lawsuit against Lugano, a California jeweler.

Cartier claims that Lugano Diamonds is selling jewelry that purposely infringe Cartier’s copyrighted Parrot Necklace and patented Panthère Design. The original and mimicking parrots are pictured below.

Cartier V. Lugano Diamonds Jewelry from Copyright Fashion Law Case

Cartier is 1 on left. Others are Lugano Diamonds. You can see Lugano’s blue bead version on its Facebook page (here).

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Fashion Law

I never thought I’d be in Playboy but… | Fashion law post

Would a rose by any other name still smell as sweet?
Biofit by Playboy bra and panty
New Biofit collection. 

I was lucky my Yorkie (now one) stayed away from my handbags and shoes while he was teething. But lately my laundry has become his fixation. I now have front loading washer and dryer units so when I drop something he notices before I do. He has amassed quite the collection of things, which he hides in a crawl space he thinks he has trained me I respect enough to not enter. His latest victim was one of my Victoria’s Secret Biofit bras. 

I don’t believe in having “good” and “bad” underwear. You should rename any “bad” underwear to unsuitable underwear, and toss it out. Back to the bra at paw hand, the Biofit collection by VS was comfortable and contained bras in options not thickly padded as some of VS’s other collections. 
New Biofit collection by Playboy. Pink bra and panty.

Online I learned that VS discontinued Biofit because VS’s license to the Biofit patented technology (via the Bendon group) ended in 2011. Playboy now has the rights to the Biofit technology.

Biofit by Playboy intimates collection
Current Biofit by Playboy collection.

Would the Playboy branding prevent or encourage you from buying Biofit bras?

The Playboy take on Biofit is surprisingly simple and wearable. The Playboy Biofit even trumps the Victoria’s Secret Biofit bras by adding “SecretService Suede-Touch Lining,” which according to the Biofit by Playboy website, “is designed to keep wearers lifted, in place and adjustment-free all day.”

I never thought I’d be interested in a product by Playboy but given my familiarity and longterm wear of Biofit bras, I may ignore the little bunny and put myself in Playboy apparel. It’s just a name, right?


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All photo credit: WWD