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Instagram’s Algorithm Apocalypse

If you are on Instagram, and haven’t seen a post requesting that you turn on notifications, congratulations. You somehow managed to not follow one digital doomsday prepper!

Recently, Instagram announced that it will change how it displays feeds. In an effort to keep their posts seen, many influencers asked followers to turn on notifications from Instagram so the followers get notified each time the influencer posts.

Instagram's algorithm - do not turn on notifications

Turning on notifications means Instagram would send your phone an alert to let you know someone posted a forced casual aerial view pic of their latte art, latest book, and laptop wearing heels on a faux fur throw. Probably not the best use of your battery life. Continue Reading…


Snapshots of my life via IG

Bonjour mes amis!

If you’re reading this post I take it you were not trampled in this year’s Black Friday madness. Good for you! I devoted way too much time online reading about the long lines, sales, and shootings. While I have stood in line for Herm
ès sales in Paris, I cannot imagine waiting hours for entry into a place with the knowledge I may be trampled over.

Have you ever gone shopping on Black Friday?
From what I saw online, it seems that the amount of incidents have gone down a lot. I say online deals have saved lives!

I also read that instagram was at a high during US’s Thanksgiving with 200+ photos shared per second. And so this post was born!

Snapshots of my life via IG
Snapshots of my life I have shared via Instagram
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Fashion forward

With the first month of the new year wrapping up, I find myself thinking of 2012 blog goals. My general goal is to continue to grow my blog and build dialogue about career fashion and fashion law. I also want to get more involved in social networking, so interact with me through pinterest, twitter, facebook, and instagram. My social media username is FashionBlawger. 

On that note, here is a glimpse of my life via Instagram pictures:

If you follow me on twitter you may have seen me alert people that IQPC’s 8th Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Protection Summit is coming up. I am excited to report that it is this week in San Francisco and I am taking time away from school to attend this conference. I have yet to meet fashion law oriented people in real life* so I am not only excited about attending the workshops and panel discussions but also to live vicariously through meet people who work with intellectual property and brand protection issues. I expect my upcoming posts will be inspired by this conference so please stay tuned to learn how things like anti-piracy, trademark protection, and anti-counterfeit infringement measures may affect you.
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*Although I have not met fashion law oriented people in off cyber life I am happy to have found a fashion law community on twitter