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Trump Sued Over “Identical Copies” of Aquazzura Wild Things

Aquazzura Wild Things have been the it-girl shoes of the moment. So Aquazzura “looks for less” have continued showing up, ranging from $26 to $176 (more on that later).

On Tuesday, Aquazzura filed a fashion law case against Ivanka Trump.*

The Aquazzura Wild Things pictured above are the subject of this fashion law case.

Trump is accused of deceptive trade practices, trade dress infringement, and unfair competition.

Aquazzura says that Ivanka Trump’s Hettie shoe (above) is a near identical match to Aquazzura Wild Things and available in the same color palette.

As I show below, there have been many close copies of Aquazzura Wild Things.

This fashion law issue can be settled out of court but perhaps Aquazzura is going after Trump because of the history of alleged copying. Continue Reading…

Fashion Law

Stella McCartney Sues Steve Madden Over Flattery

Once upon a time at a Vogue festival, Stella McCartney claimed flattery over knock-offs. Fast-forward to this week, Stella McCartney sues Steve Madden over her Falabella bag.

Many consumers love the look for less but there is a thin line between inspired and infringing.

Can you tell which is the Stella McCartney bag?

Stella McCartney sues Steve Madden Continue Reading…

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Fashion Law Graffiti Lawsuit

Joseph Tierney, is a well known street artist who goes by the name Rime. Earlier today in Los Angeles, Rime filed a fashion meets graffiti lawsuit against a famous luxury fashion house and its creative director.

Rime alleges that this mural was used on a dress debuted on Gigi Haded in Moschino’s February 2015 Milan show. The dress was also worn by Katy Perry to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Met Gala in May. 

Fashion Law Graffiti Lawsuit Against Moschino

In 2012, Rime was commissioned to create a giant mural, entitled “Vandal Eyes.” The mural covers the side of a building in Detroit. Rime’s fashion law case alleges copyright, unfair competition, and publicity rights claims against Jeremy Scott and Moschino. 

Rimes sees Moschino’s fashion interpretation as a “literal misappropriation” of his artwork. 

Does Moschino’s dress warrant this graffiti lawsuit?

Below is a video of the making of Rime’s Vandal Eyes mural

What to learn from the graffiti lawsuit against Moschino

Whether you are a blogger or a fashion designer, if you are “inspired” by someone else’s creation, consider whether or not your inspiration will lead you to infringe the intellectual property of someone else.


See similar fashion law case: Is the Just Cavalli Graffiti collection just infringing Graffiti?

Fashion Law

Let the clothing parody party stop

Let’s end the clothing parody infatuation.

Designer infringement clothing parody tops and hats were everywhere a few seasons ago.

I found these post-infringement parodies annoying. So, I refused to dedicate any of my blog’s virtual real estate to clothing parody topics. Until now.

Will fashion parodies stop? Clothing parody examples.

Continue Reading…