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1 Size Fits All Pump

This Scotch tape shoe dispenser would look great¬†with an added red sole! Or does Louboutin think he has a color monopoly over tape dispenser shoes too? J/k ūüėČ But it does seem like a great blogger desk accessory.
blogger desk accessory: Scotch High Heel Shoe Dispenser with Magic TapeThis ultra girly desk accessory for fashionistas is available in black, pink, red, and zebra. It is too bad I rarely seem to be in need of this sized tape. I do not like clutter so although I think this shoe shape design is adorable, I do not find myself attracted to it enough to get it.
I am not only sharing it with you because it is cute, but because it reminded me of the Louboutin red sole case and the aesthetic functionality argument (discussed here).

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