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Fashion law defined

Since most of my current visitors are fashion bloggers, I decided to write general introductions to fashion law topics so that I may refer back to the posts for reference when I later blog about fashion law issues and cases.
When does inspiration and imitation become fashion piracy?
A Bottega Veneta 'Nero Intrecciato Nappa Zip Around Wallet' and a Steve Madden 'Bluelus' wallet

The images above are of a Bottega Veneta ‘Nero Intrecciato Nappa Zip Around Wallet’ priced at $750 and a Steve Madden ‘Bluelus’ wallet priced at $42. Bargain or infringement (aka fashion piracy)? This is a fashion law question.

What is fashion law?

Fashion law is an emerging specialized area of law; it is comprised of legal fields that arise in the business of fashion: intellectual property law (particularly trademark and copyright brand recognition, protection and counterfeiting issues), corporate law (business transactions, mergers and acquisitions) employment and labor issues, customs, unfair competition and antitrust.

Lawyers working on fashion law issues can work in law firms (small boutique ones to big law firms), as in-house counsel, and in government positions.

By protecting design rights and moral rights, the European Union protects designers more than the U.S. does. Current legislation (the Innovative Design Protection and Piracy Prevention Act) may help change that.

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